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Was appreciated by Zhu Rongji served as mayor of Shanghai for 6 years he was "shine" – Sohu news on November 9th to 10, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei by Xu Kuangdi as the head of the Advisory Committee for the joint development of Tianjin, came to the investigation, the Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong, mayor Wang Dongfeng accompanied the expedition. Xu Kuangdi has served as mayor of Shanghai, the Chinese Academy of engineering, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and other leading positions, aged 78 years old. "Politics" noted that Xu Kuangdi academic career resume across politics, from the early to teach politics, by the executive vice president of Shanghai Industrial University was transferred to the Shanghai Municipal Education Office of the deputy director and Secretary for higher education, thus entering politics. Xu Kuangdi recalls this important turning point in life, often mention a person’s name – former premier Zhu Rongji. From politics to teach Zhu Rongji: "I finally found a love of planned economy to planning work" Xu Kuangdi was born in 1937, 1959, graduated from Beijing iron and Steel Institute, after graduation has been taught in Colleges and universities. Until 1989, when he was vice president of Shanghai Industrial University, he was appointed mayor of Shanghai, Zhu Rongji, deputy director of the office of the Shanghai municipal health and education secretary. This is my occupation career in the second major turning point, from the teaching and research work to the work of government departments, "Xu Kuangdi" in detail: "I have witnessed several events in Shanghai of the reform of the economic system in an article, Xu Kuangdi recalled, although at that time to the work of government departments, but he is very cherish have been the basis of the research work so, agreed with Zhu Rongji, a week in Higher Education Bureau work four days, rest three days back to school with doctoral and research. But while working in government departments, while doing research, Xu Kuangdi only after less than two years. At the beginning of 1991, Xu Kuangdi visited with the delegation of Shanghai. When visiting the Paris stock exchange, the French do not want to use English to introduce the situation, and the use of mother tongue. A delegation of French translation although proficient, but did not understand the index of economic terms. Xu Kuangdi chimed in, "explains the economic terms of convertible bonds". "You are learning to engage in iron and steel, how will know the financial?" Zhu Rongji asked Xu Kuangdi about his experience of studying abroad. Xu Kuangdi memories, on the flight home, Zhu Rongji told him in the past, said "you don’t do to teach health after returning to Shanghai, I now understand the economy, especially the lack of understanding of international economy, you have to go to work planning". Xu Kuangdi said, "no, I don’t like the planned economy". Zhu Rongji after listening to laugh, "well, I finally found a person who does not like the planned economy to the Planning Commission to work". "The third major turning points in my career started at this time," Xu Kuangdi said. Since then, he served as director of the Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission, vice mayor of Shanghai City, Shanghai municipal Party committee, deputy secretary, mayor of Shanghai in 1995 on post, after 6 years as mayor of Shanghai. "Politics" notice, as mayor of Shanghai, Xu Kuangdi made a "no one". In an interview, Xu Kuangdi said his family is very musical相关的主题文章: