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Zhang Yixing song "what  need"; U    and Chinese swept overseas list; singer best score – Shandong channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Yixing song "what U need" a list of the best singer China swept overseas achievements Zhang Yixing in October 7th published a new one single "whatUneed", the song once published will seize the the mainland Hong Kong and Taiwan and other major trends in our list, MV Youtube 21 hours playback volume exceeded a million, a record for the fastest Chinese singer. The song is currently ranked third in the United States itunesMV classification list, pop ranked second, the best performance is achieved in this Chinese singer on the list of the United states. Zhang Yixing’s full song "whatUneed" open 1 hours, direct airborne shrimp, Ali music list one, climbing the British and American law, Japan and South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and other global trends. MV public 21 hours, the overseas official platform YouTube playback volume will be broken million, 24 hours of play Volume 1 million 230 thousand, point praise 180 thousand. Zhang Yixing became the YouTube platform on the MV fastest break 1 million Chinese singer, while creating SM entertainment under the banner of the male artist solo first YouTube click the best results. Up to now, the number of domestic official platform has also broken the million mark, and showed a continuing upward trend. The "whatUneed" sound MV published, rushed to occupy Thailand iTunes song list MV ranked first, 1 Turkey list, Japan ranked 5, Canada 16 overall classification ranked 12, Hongkong ranked sixth, Malaysia ranked seventh. At present, the song MV itunesMV overall standings in the United States has risen to third in the rankings, pop pop music in Europe and the United States ranked second, second only to the king class singer Bruno Mars, called the best singer in the United States Chinese on the list. It is worth mentioning that the song displayed in the iTunes category is Mandopop (Chinese pop music), is a written by Zhang Yixing personally compose, arranger, production of the original Chinese songs. A foreign language song can occupy the upper circles of the multi national list by sweeping posture, and it is also a rare phenomenon in the world music world. Zhang Yixing deserves to be our little pride in china! (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin) 张艺兴新曲《what U need》横扫海外榜单 创中国歌手最好成绩–山东频道–人民网 原标题:张艺兴新曲《what U need》横扫海外榜单 创中国歌手最好成绩   张艺兴于10月7日发表了全新个人单曲《whatUneed》,该曲一经发表就抢占了内地港台日韩欧美等各大趋势榜单,MV的Youtube播放量21小时内突破百万,创中国歌手最快纪录。该曲目前在美国itunesMV全分类总榜排名第3,pop类排名第2,这也是中国歌手在该美国榜单上取得过的最好成绩。   张艺兴全曲《whatUneed》公开1小时,直接空降虾米、阿里音乐榜单一位,登英 美 法 日 韩 巴西 泰国 马来西亚等全球趋势。MV公开21小时,海外官方平台YouTube播放量便破百万,24小时播放量123万,点赞18万。张艺兴成为YouTube平台上MV最快突破100万的中国籍歌手,同时创下SM娱乐旗下男艺人solo首日YouTube点击最好成绩。截至目前,该曲国内官方平台播放量同样已破百万大关,并呈持续上升趋势。   《whatUneed》音源MV发表之后,火速占据泰国itunes歌曲榜 MV榜第1位,土耳其榜1位,日本榜5位,加拿大总榜16 分类榜12位,香港榜第6位,马来西亚榜第7位。目前该曲的MV在美国itunesMV总榜排名已升至第3位,pop流行类位列第2,仅次于欧美乐坛天王级的歌手Bruno Mars,堪称中国歌手在该美国榜单上取得的最好成绩。值得一提的是,该曲在 iTunes 中显示的类别为mandopop(华语流行乐),是一首由张艺兴亲自作词作曲编曲制作的原创中文歌。一首外语歌能够以横扫之姿占据多国榜单上位圈,在世界乐坛也是十分难得的现象。张艺兴不愧是我们中国的小骄傲! (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: