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Yangzhou 27 year old mother gave birth to a rare "three small"   Department of natural inoculation — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: Yangzhou 27 year old maternal birth rare "three Phoenix" from left to right, "open" and "heart" and "fruit". Shangbin taken every 6400 times of pregnancy, it can to produce a triplets…… The morning of October 10th, the 27 year old Liu Xueyan in Yangzhou First People’s Hospital cesarean section "three". Surprisingly, this "three Xiaofeng" is the natural birth, full-term birth weight, standard, it is rare. According to the director of obstetrics hospital of Yangzhou Yang Huan introduced in October 5th 10, maternal admitted to the hospital, at 10:26 in the morning, after cesarean section, the eldest was born, weighing 2550 grams, respectively, the interval of 1 minutes, the second and third born in succession, weight is 2350 grams, 2650 grams. "The whole operation process is very smooth, there is no maternal postpartum hemorrhage, no complications." "The most important is to control the delivery period, like her, before birth, the mother burden is very heavy, if late delivery, will not be able to eat, there will be complications, will have adverse effects on the fetus." Yang Huan said that before the surgery, they are fully prepared, fast, accurate, timely, the whole process is very smooth. In order to reduce the mother’s burden, the position is also very important, take side, anesthetic production, the supine, supine position to avoid the occurrence of the syndrome. "Women in Gaoyou District, not only the mother healthy and moderate age, term birth weight compliance, triplets can, very rare." Yang Huan said, I would like to feel the mentality of a good mother, which is inseparable from the family atmosphere." Reporters saw in the ward, "three." their father is sleeping, Lin Peng stood by watching three lovely baby, the mother is sitting on the bed to see them, happy smile on his face. Pregnant with triplets day is very happy, but also very hard, than ordinary pregnant belly to a circle. According to Lin Peng introduction, his wife is not easy, insist on exercise every day, 30 weeks before pregnancy, but also to climb the stairs. Later, the stomach is too heavy, can not go too far, go back and forth a short distance. Before pregnancy, his wife weighs less than 120 pounds, and finally reached a total of 180 pounds, weighing up to more than and 60 pounds." Husband loves his wife every day to do all kinds of delicious to his wife. "Every dish is not the same, meat collocation, soup is different, chicken soup, fish soup and round change." Lin Peng back to his wife pinch legs, pinch feet, he joked, take good care of his wife, but also save money ah." They will be "three." nicknames were called open, happy, the fruit is called "happy together". "This is the boss, this is the second and the third." Lin Peng said with a smile, look at the face can be seen. Three Xiaofeng "why? Lin Peng said: "these days, please aunt, learning experience, we are ready to bring their own." (Chou Shangbin Zang Xiaosong) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: