Xi Jinping will visit and attend the BRICs leaders meeting Meng Cambodia winlinez

Xi Jinping will visit and attend the BRICs leaders meeting Meng Cambodia original title: Xi Jinping will visit and to attend the BRICs leaders meeting Meng Cambodia: reinforce the surrounding foreign sing the "BRIC" voice of Xinhua news agency in Beijing on October 10, features: consolidating the peripheral diplomacy sing the "BRIC" voice — on President Xi Jinping to visit Kampuchea, Bangladesh and India to Goa attend the eighth BRICs leaders meeting on the occasion of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Ye Shuhong Hao Weiwei, the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou in China diplomatic applause, and then played a new chapter. October 13th to 17, Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Kampuchea, Bangladesh, and attended the meeting in India. The leaders of the BRIC countries held eighth times. To consolidate the traditional friendship, promote the development of strategic docking, highlighting the unity cooperation and common development of the "BRIC" sound. The autumn season, another major diplomatic action meaning Chinese far-reaching world. Pro Cheng Hui Yung reinforce the surrounding diplomacy surrounding diplomacy, is the President Xi’s visit a major key. Kampuchea and Bangladesh, is a friendly neighbor of South East Asia, one is an important partner in South Asia and the India ocean region. "Fellowlike good neighbors", "good friend in perfect sympathy with each other, the establishment of diplomatic relations for more than half a century, jointly created and fostered by the older generation of leaders of the two countries special friendship in the Cambodian people. At present, China Cambodia relations in the best period in history, political mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. In June this year, President Xi held talks with visiting king Sihamoni of Kampuchea, the two sides will jointly promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Cambodia development consensus. President Xi’s visit to Cambodia, is a visit to King Sihamoni’s state visit, is also the party’s eighteen main leaders for the first time since I visited cambodia. Relatives farther pro, timeless friendship. During the visit, Xi will meet with king Sihamoni, Visit Queen Mother, and Prime Minister Hong Sen held talks with the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents to attend the ceremony of the. "I believe that this visit will further deepen the comprehensive cooperation between the two countries in trade, investment and tourism and other fields," prime minister Hong Sen to visit President Xi expectantly. "Bangladesh Mizusawa town", chairman of the Asian tour second station. Bangladesh established diplomatic ties 40 years ago, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual support, are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. President Xi’s visit will be 30 years Chinese the president’s first visit to Bangladesh, has important significance for bilateral relations milepost type. During the visit, Xi will meet with President Hamid and other party leaders, speaker Chowdhury Meng, signed with Prime Minister Hasina held talks and witnessed the infrastructure, energy and transportation capacity, cooperation and a series of cooperation documents. The two sides will plan bilateral relations from a strategic height, will be closer to the comprehensive partnership of cooperation to a new level. Kampuchea and Bangladesh are important allies in Southeast Asia and South Asia in china. President Xi’s visit, the two countries reflected attention, passing out of good intentions to develop good neighborly and friendly cooperative relations with Southeast Asia and South Asian countries, the focus is handsome相关的主题文章: