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Why do you miss Sanya? Sohu – tourism after autumn rain, a cool autumn clothes, did not wear a few days, to the winter coat coated body carry off all that one has. Open the window early in the morning, under the haze of the city, the voice began to extremely uncomfortable. Miss Sanya, miss the blue sky and white clouds, the sun beach, of course, there is a very delicious seafood. Sanya is located in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, China’s air quality is the best city, the country’s longest living areas. Have been to 2 times, the first time with the parents, second pure and bestie. In fact, the same place, travel with different people, the feeling is completely different. I like the sea of Sanya, and every beach has its own language. Gentle waves, gently touching the beach. The deep sea, shades of color painting, in general, have never thought to take away everything. Misty life, back and forth friends, like the vapor evaporation, air diffusion. I love Sanya, the passion of the South Island, coconut, sea, beach, sails…… Look at the sky, the vastness, the vows of love in the remotest corners of the globe xu. If Hainan Island is a bright pearl inlaid in the vast South China Sea, then Yalong Bay is Hainan Island one cannot forget the sounds of nature, is a charming girl, is a charming young man’s eyes, is also a high-end Resort Hotel gathered, the hotel has its own private beach. Walk out of the hotel can get to the beach, to enjoy the beauty of paradise Yalong Bay. Sitting on the beach chair, let sunshine, gentle breeze caresses. A pillow of sound waves to sleep, the Yalong Bay Marriott, each of the waves, like in the knock on my heart. A trace of wind, and the waves after what the beach, but can leave no trace, leaving no memory. Every trip, like to stroll around the local market, and the first seafood market in Sanya is the most famous. The first market in the vicinity of a lot of seafood processing shop, my friend recommended me to a small beard seafood, the boss is very warm, find someone to take us to the market to pick the freshest seafood, and then get the store processing. The small beard seafood feeling good, taste is more suitable, the price is reasonable, very quickly, they end up seafood feast, with bestie can not attend lady, each is so delicious. The price of seafood is reasonable, two people eat a few hundred, a lot of dishes, but also contains a large lobster. Two people eat a round belly, but also can not take care of what image ah, weight loss ah, then do a dead man to support it. Sanya, I’ll go again, with my baby and my baby.相关的主题文章: