What the Holy Spirit will do for us – Sohu diqua

The Holy Spirit will help us do what maternal – Sohu (voice of manuscripts, please forgive the refined), the Holy Spirit will help us ease. Peace of mind is the basic premise. When our heart is restless, will escape the fear ah ah, ah ah, guilt, resentment…… In this, the heart is very noisy, in our grasp when I hold the Holy Spirit only, only, so the Holy Spirit to help us is the first direct at ease, because as long as you choose the Holy Spirit, is to feel. The Holy Spirit is like the light of a dream. As long as you choose the light, you must be safe, because there is no way to fight against the real. Only if we believe it, it will be true. But once we choose the truth, there is no way to stop us. Second, the Holy Spirit will bring us confidence. We are in a state of normal without confidence, for our mind, our mind, our way of perceiving, our belief system, are taught by the world. The world is out of guilt and split and projected, is projected for escape. So, the world and our interaction, before we are aware, it is from the truth, the so-called "reverse the world, reverse the living" is the meaning of. The Holy Spirit will give us confidence, it will use all kinds of help to give us confidence. Know how to give us the sweetness, it is very good to give us a specific show, for example, a song, a word, met a person, a change in the weather, a financial situation changes…… , will be to provide help margin, specific help margin, a variety of forms of help margin, will provide. ? in mindfulness will give us confidence. Since we began to wonder, "can life be like this?" , "peace and joy is the inherent attribute of life", from personal struggle, manage to fully commit, a heart calendar journey, every node will give us the corresponding help. Integrity and authenticity, based on the Holy Spirit? Not only know what we really need, also know what is the moment we can accept and absorb, not only from within us? Gives us inspiration and intuition, you can adjust all the resources in time and space to support our. The Holy Spirit is to help us, from outside the dream? Will not be affected by the characters and situations in the dream, is conducive to the overall view? Don’t forget the human beings, but also in the end of the time, look back at the process of absolute certainty. The course is the ultimate let us get rid of the ego and my limits, understanding and trust based on the spirit of faith. Third, the Holy Spirit will give us one heart. The Holy Spirit is in itself a spirit, a whole spirit, and therefore it must give us one heart and one mind. It is only at this level is only one heart, joy is unconditional love, would be complete without a heart, will surrender, will be the big no, its not the small, because? Have you in all blend into one harmonious whole, this one, you will enjoy this one. You will know that, as a person, you will be well cared for, and everyone will be well cared for.相关的主题文章: