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Western media: Mafia by removal of refugees mainly sold to the American Sohu organ rich News Reference News Network September 24 daily west media said the U.S. global financial integrity Organization (GFI) has just released a data with hair standing on end. The annual turnover of the international black market for organs has exceeded 1 million 200 thousand euros, and the organs used for trading are removed from living people. The main buyers of black market organs are customers from the United States, Israel and Saudi arabia". According to the Spanish "news" website reported on September 22nd, GFI pointed out that the organ trading mainly involves living kidney, liver, cornea or even a heart, the victims are usually in anesthetized even unconscious state organs were removed. Reported that the refugees are the most vulnerable groups in organ trading activities. The ruthless Mafia make money by refugees crossing the north of Africa. They catch the refugees and remove their organs while they are alive. North Africa is the center of organ trading. According to reports, one of the main reasons for the large number of immigrants living in North Africa is the past three years, a significant increase in organ trading activities. Reported that, in all aspects of this fuzzy trading chain, mafia has taken some steps to be known. First of all, they kidnapped refugees, and then contact the refugees in the United States, tied to Europe or Canada relatives, and threatened the latter if you do not pay, their family organs will be removed. The Sinai Peninsula, located on the border between Egypt and Israel, is one of the most rampant areas of organ trading. Over the past 18 months, a large number of refugees from Sultan, Ethiopia and Eritrea have been found. These bodies lack key organs, and there are eye-catching scars, showing that these people have been brutally removed organs. Reported that Mafia to take the means of crime are similar. They stopped in halfway to the victim, they undergo surgery, removal of organs, then put them into what no way to their fate. After the capture of the victim, organ traffickers usually ask their families for a ransom of 30 thousand to 60 thousand euros. Organ trading activities are very dirty and no letter, many of the victims were arrested and even in the sale of Mafia leaders. Libya is one of the main sources of the problem. Egypt is currently one of the main countries to secretly send organs to rich countries, including rich countries in the purchase of human organs is very greedy in the United states. Mafia specializes in organ trading. Mafia members have insulation bag organ required for medical devices and transfer organs required. Italy is also one of the main recipients of organ trading. According to reports, the emergency center in Milan a hospital doctor Paul? Carle Gallo wrote a desperate letters last month. In his letter, he tells the story of a 42 year old man with a Sultan passport. The refugees were sent to the emergency center by a person in charge of the refugee center. At first, according to his symptoms, doctors thought he had pneumonia. But when Karl Gallo went to see him, he found a prominent scar on his left rib. Imaging found the name of Sultan difficult.相关的主题文章: