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West Jiaotong University environmental index released: environmental quality differences between areas in the new network "for the comprehensive assessment of environmental quality report 2016" and "China West Jiaotong University environment index" conference site. Mei Long ytterbium photo Beijing, Xi’an in November 19, (Mei Yilong) 19, the "report" comprehensive assessment of environmental quality Chinese and West Jiaotong University environment index "conference held in Xi’an. West Jiaotong University environment index showed that the northeast region of the northern coastal region, eastern coastal areas such as the eight regional environmental quality is different, the layout of production are the main factors influencing Chinese environmental quality. 2016 "China environmental quality comprehensive evaluation report" is the Xi’an Jiao Tong University environmental quality comprehensive assessment center following the 2015 "China environment quality evaluation report" for the first time after the release of the second edition of the report, from the latest achievements of Professor Yuan Xiaoling and the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Center for comprehensive evaluation of environmental quality of members of the school of economics and finance of Xi’an Jiao Tong University joint research. In 2016, China’s environmental quality comprehensive assessment report on how to treat environmental quality. This paper introduces the method, procedure, index system and index construction process of environmental quality comprehensive evaluation. Secondly, from the three dimensions of environmental costs, population and space, we construct a multidimensional environmental quality evaluation index, and rank the results of environmental quality assessment in the eight regions in 2013. The report will be divided into eight regions, namely, the northeast region, the northern coastal areas, the eastern coastal areas, the southern coastal areas, the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, southwest and northwest regions. West Jiaotong University environment index shows that in 2000 -2013 years, the total national environmental quality index is rising, the continued deterioration of the quality of the environment, after the 2011 national environmental quality index of total rise decreases, the deterioration of environmental quality that slows down into the "12th Five-Year" since the China environmental quality deteriorating trend has been checked; the total eight regional environmental quality with the index of similarity, but the difference between the regional environmental quality, environmental quality, not only geographical distance difference among regions, and regional environmental quality difference close geographical location is not small, which shows that the layout is the main factor affecting China environmental quality, rather than geographical location; total environmental quality index of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai increased after the first drop, environmental quality improvement trend is obvious, the rest of the environment The total mass index increased in varying degrees, and the quality of the environment was not improved. Yuan Xiaoling introduction, the report repeatedly stressed that the total emissions of major pollutants control and ecological civilization construction is China’s environmental protection policy of the two important tools. The analysis of the report also focuses on the relevance between the implementation of the two policy instruments and the improvement of environmental quality. In addition, the new version of the report stressed that a region has characteristics of low pollution and high purification "could improve the quality of the local environment. In the past, relying on the total amount of major pollutants in the control of a single policy tools can not meet the requirements of environmental quality improvement under the new environmental protection requirements. Environmental quality can be redefined相关的主题文章: