Vicious Mother, watching the tears kept off! – maternal Sohu polartec

"Vicious Mother, watching the tears kept off! – Sohu mother and I clearly remember in my 9 years old, my mom and dad put me as a pearl in the palm, my life is full of joy and light of heart from care. But since my mother and father went to a hospital in Wuhan, my life is not as good as it was before. To tell you the truth, in my young heart, my favorite is my mother. Until the age of eight or nine, every time my mother came back from the field, I will open arms to her arms like a baby. However, the mother did not like before I get into my arms, but with a face plate, like not to see me, hand pull me to my father’s leg and went straight to her room, I suddenly blindsided…… The next few days, I came back to school, or at home for dinner, my mother saw my always gloomy face, even when she was laughing with others, I pushed her smile on her face just like soap bubbles disappear immediately. Mom hit me for the first time, more than and 10 days after she came back…. I thought my mother wasn’t at home, so she called her mother loudly. Then my mother’s messy hair from the inside out, the angry voices and hard words to scold me, and pinched my arm and pulled me into the room, to my own cooking. I looked at the face of fierce like mother, what to sob. Which know mother should pick up the spatula to spank me, also fiercely: "don’t burn, I teach you! "She see I do not move, and raise the spatula to hit me, then I found she was panting, as if I were going to fall, I started a little. Maybe I made her so angry, busy at her bidding, rice and vegetables, open the gas tank…… So, for the first time, she cooked a meal under her command. The more I do not understand is that she also persuaded the father give me money. I used to eat 1 yuan a day, Chinese food is also $1. From that day on, she reduced my breakfast to 5 cents. I said I didn’t have enough to eat in the morning. I had to eat at least two buns every morning. She said when she was reading the breakfast, only two cents. She also said that hungry at noon to go home to eat, after only 5 cents, told me not to 1 yuan in the fond dream. As for the 1 yuan at noon, but should not have to go to eat snacks, is a waste. In this way, I can only stand on the side of the saliva every day. This, I hate my mother, she is to cut off economic sources of me, she let me and the kids off. My suffering is far more than this, because my father in the field, I can only be with my mother. Several times, I cried to go with my father, Dad stroked my head to comfort me, he said he was running, and a month, he can come back. I can’t go with Dad, I’ll have to be at the mercy of my mother. After a while, my mother did not even do the dishes. I cried and said I do not cook, she picked up the shovel hit me, scold me: "what are you doing, this won’t do, it will not do, not as good as when a beast like a good相关的主题文章: