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Tip: in addition to dry hair dryer can be used such as essential household appliances, I believe that most people have a hair dryer. However, the main role of the hair dryer is dry hair, when the weather is cold, it can use the fastest speed to dry your hair, let you sleep. In addition to dry hair, hair dryer can actually help you solve this, more life status". Cold season, the use of hair dryer attention on October, although it is autumn, but the temperature in the North has begun to decline, we all wear warm clothing to go out to work. In daily life we clean up, most people every few days will wash hair, but now the cold weather, people are in the habit of washing their hair with a hair dryer to dry hair, in order to reduce the bad effect on the body caused by wet hair. Below, we look at the cold weather, the use of hair dryer should pay attention to what matters. When the weather is cold, hair dryer is best used at home, can not be used for industrial purposes. When people use it to ensure that the hand is dry, can not be immersed in water. When the hair dryer starts, it should be far away from the water. Some hair dryer has its own power failure protection function, so the hair dryer cooling after a few minutes to use. When we use the hair dryer, do not plug the hair dryer, to keep the hood clean. If you find the hair on the hair dryer, please clean the hair without inserting it. Do not let the hair dryer is blocked, so that the use of the situation, prone to danger. After the use of hair dryer, to immediately cut off, and so on after cooling, placed in a well ventilated place, away from the sun. This can be more long-term use of hair dryer. In addition to dry hair, hair dryer can do these things when the weather is cold, wet shoes, it is not easy to dry. Such as the use of hair dryer to blow a few minutes of hot air shoes, shoes can become dry, warm and comfortable when wearing. Wash the bottle after drying is slow, such as water drain, use the hair dryer blow hot air into a residual water bottle will evaporate. As is the narrow mouth flask is a wind blowing at the bottom of the funnel neck, the formation of hot air circulation, also will soon be a bottle of water dry residue. The TV, radio and tape recorder, such as in the wet season long unused, in order to avoid boot leakage available on the ignition, hair dryer blowing hot air flooding tide, to extend the service life. If the weather is rainy days, remove the camera after use, can be the first to use hair dryer to dry box, after cooling, and then the camera camera lens implantation, can prevent mildew. Plastic seal sleeve uneven magnetic refrigerator, hair dryer available heating in the twists and turns, even slightly, weighing on flat glass, after cooling is straight smooth seal. General refrigerator in the use of a period of time, must be a cream. It takes a long time to defrost. When opening the refrigerator defrosting the freezer door, blowing hot air to the inside with a hair dryer, it can shorten the defrosting time. Cookies after wet, losing the original crisp and delicious flavor. If you use a blower to blow a blast of hot air.相关的主题文章: