The United States claimed that Russian hackers in the Russian government to interfere with the US pr isobuster

The United States claimed that Russian hackers in the Russian government to interfere with the US presidential election data figure: U.S. network force strength far exceeds that of other countries the United States claimed that the original title: Russian hackers interference news agency in the US presidential election in October 7, Washington (reporter Diao ocean) U.S. Department of Homeland security and the director of national intelligence office 7, issued a joint statement saying, the survey found that the Russian government has authorized network hacking U.S. political organization, trying to interfere in the presidential election this year. The statement said that the United States intelligence department finds that the recent occurrence of a number of U.S. political organizations and individuals of the e-mail leaked incident with the Russian government. The investigation, some stolen emails are posted on the Internet, using the hacker technology and server from russia. Based on the size and sensitivity of the intelligence agencies to determine the size of the hacker, only the Russian high-level officials authorized, Russian hackers will engage in these activities. The statement said that Russian hackers intended to interfere with this year’s U.S. presidential election. The statement said that the practice of stealing information through hacking technology is not new to russia. Russia had previously used similar means in Europe and other places, and in order to influence public opinion. The statement said, US intelligence assessment that the counting system of any person or country can invade the presidential election. The election for the voting machine is not connected to the Internet, the counting system dispersed in the country, the voting and the counting process has multiple prevention and verification. The statement urged local officials at all levels in charge of the election to be vigilant and to seek assistance from the Department of homeland security when necessary. Department of homeland security has set up a special working group to deal with the network security risks may occur during the election. Since June this year, a number of U.S. media reported the Russian hacker invasion of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of the network system. Russian officials have denied involvement. U.S. media, politicians, 7, reported that the U.S. intelligence department in the past few months has been under investigation, the statement is the first day of the United States to make a formal statement on Russian hackers 7. The media said, in the current Russian relations because of Ukraine and Syria issues a slump, the move is expected to further deterioration of relations between the United States and russia.相关的主题文章: