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The focus of monomer: Standard 3S lady returnees heart too specific to see who are not Beijing eye in recent years, with the development of the network, "singles day" has become a new festival recognized by many young people. In groups of returnees, there is such a category of "Bachelor", they are known as "3S lady". "Returned 3S lady" phenomenon is widespread media attention in the past two years. The way of monomer bitterness only to see their own vulnerable returnees tend to have high education, high 3S lady and the elderly. But in the process of taking off, they are not as efficient as other girls. So, for returnees 3S lady, demonomerisation road really bitter and difficult? A returnees girl Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) said in a radio address, she is 28 years old, have high academic qualifications, returnees background and a good job, still looks dignified, but in the vast sea of humanity, but can not find the right object. She was so upset that she didn’t know how to end this state. I often play a single cycle of "don’t" salt "thirty year old woman" and other sad songs in the wound, the song lyrics are very attached to their psychological, often at night a person can then burst into tears, tears do not know what time I fell asleep." Xiao Yan said. "Bright, strong side is always left to outsiders, and your heart the most soft and most painful things often do not show in public." Returned from studying in Canada, now the University of Wang Mengshang (a pseudonym) said. Educated in Britain, east now Wuhan Construction Bank Chinese work is still in a single state. "When I’m alone will see the new TV series, if there is enough time, will be about to watch movies together and bestie. After all, a person is still very boring." Dong Xuan said. My standards are too difficult to put down to specific new East Xuan think, if not out of the past feelings, then the monomer process will be more tough. She had missed a boy, this knot has not opened, and the man became her greatest fetters of single way. When the country is still in college, there is a very good boy told me that he was through the mail, I am afraid I did not see the text messages sent back. But I was young and ignorant, did feel friends for many years do not know how to get along with male and female friends, but also afraid of male and female friends what is right after the break even friends do not do so, it is very hard to him. Later regret, in fact, quite like him." Dong Xuan talked about when his voice choked, very sorry to miss the man. Like Dong Xuan, former or missed people, then often become the obstacle on the road of monomer 3S lady returnees. Wang Mengshang admitted that he always met the right people, not because there is no quality boy. Now look at everyone who likes to compare with their predecessors, the heart has a very specific standards, so that no one can enter the eye." Wang Mengshang talks about why he’s been single. "Take time flowers lazy review, spent half margin jun." Because there is a feeling not to let go, and know what is true love,.相关的主题文章: