The customer said eat 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores responded

The customer said eat 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores responded the original title: female customers have 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores: other products over Ms. Ni said abused in this position. We usually go shopping, often encounter the store launched the product sample but the people of Guiyang, Ms. Ni has to reflect this, she ate 3 pieces of free refreshments in the store, but the manager scolded is a pig, the two sides do scuffle. However, the tea shop manager in an interview with reporters, denied Ms. Ni said. Customer: eat 3 pieces of tea is called pig 11 yesterday morning, the reporter saw Ms. Ni in jiaxiulou nearby. She took a deformed gold bracelet told reporters, "was the clerk who snapped the bracelet." Ms. Ni told reporters, October 28th at 6 pm, she bought something in a tea shop, ate 3 pieces of free refreshments offered by the store. "Unexpectedly, after eating, the manager even said," you eat so much, you are a pig? "" Ms. Ni said, after listening to her, thinking that he was abused her, and the other theory, unexpectedly, the two sides scuffle. Ms. Ni recalls, when pulling, another employee also hit from behind the back of her head. While the two sides pulling, her gold bracelet was tearing, a bracelet disappeared. Ms. Ni said, she hopes to her apology, and compensation for her lost bracelet. Otherwise, she will be protected through judicial channels. See the reporter from Ms. Ni provided on the medical records, preliminary diagnosis: Patients with systemic soft tissue contusion. Manager: she spilled product with the conflict for Ms. Ni said, the manager denied Ms. pan. Ms. Pan said that day, Ms. Ni came to the store, the store is the first to eat to provide free tea, and in the process of eating each other, picked up a box of cookies, this product will be expired, it will immediately make the store shelf products. Ms. Pan said, I explained to her, this product is not expired until December 11th, you want to buy now, do not buy can also be." Unexpectedly, this sentence, Ms. Ni their products are pushed to the ground. Because of this, the two sides quarrel." Ms. Pan said, in the event of a quarrel, she never said that the other is a pig, in addition, in clashes between the two countries, the staff did not hit the back of her head, the two sides are simply pulling, and then the other gold bracelet has not been broken, no mention Bracelet lost. Ms. Pan said, after the incident, Ms. Ni call the alarm call, West Lake police station and police retrieved surveillance video store. Unfortunately, the two sides took place in the surveillance video is caught blind. West Lake police station police officer told reporters, the day of the incident under the coordination of the police, the two sides have their own signature. Quit. "If the other side is still entangled, I hope she will take the judicial approach." Ms. pan said. Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: