Samsung announced the recall of note 7 replacement mobile phone replacement products offer $100 disc

Samsung announced the recall of Note 7 replace the phone to replace its own products to provide $100 discount Tencent science and technology news this week, Samsung Electronics officially announced the permanent suspension of battery failure occurs Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone. And on Thursday, the company announced in the United States, the policy will be extended to recall, but also to provide consumers with the replacement of the new mobile phone Note 7. Today, the United States newspaper website and other foreign media reported the news. Note 7 mobile phone sales and product recall around the world, whether the new policy in the United States outside the market also started, it can not be confirmed. In fact, the recall of the replacement of the new Note 7 phone, has been expected in the media. Since last week, the United States broke out a number of new Note 7 mobile phone battery burning accident, an accident occurred on the Southwest Airlines flight. Under the pressure of public opinion, Samsung Electronics was forced to make the world’s sale of Note 7, as well as the decision to permanently suspend production. Samsung Electronics recall Note 7 replacement phone decision, has been approved by the U.S. consumer product safety commission. In the United States, a major product recall requires the approval of the government agency. Samsung Electronics also said that so far in the U.S. market, there have been 1 million 900 thousand Note phones were recalled, including early sales and late replacement of the phone 7. Before the media worried that this time a major product quality accident will affect Samsung’s mobile phone sales and financial industry this year, and apple and other competitors to benefit. Samsung is also in a variety of ways to reduce the loss of users. On Thursday, Samsung Electronics announced in the United States, if Note 7 of consumers returned to the mobile phone and other problems, replace a Samsung smart mobile phone (such as at the beginning of this year’s sale of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), consumers will get a $100 voucher. Today, the United States newspaper pointed out that Samsung’s move has two purposes: to encourage users as soon as possible to return to the dangerous Note mobile phone Samsung Electronics, in addition to allow them to continue to be loyal to the Samsung mobile phone users. In addition, if consumers returned to the Note 7 phone, asking for a full refund, and ready to buy other brands of smart phones. Samsung Electronics will also give such a consumer to provide $25 vouchers as compensation. On Thursday, Samsung Electronics America CEO Tim Baxter said in a statement stressed once again that the safety of consumers is still a priority among priorities Samsung to consider, want to hold early Note 7 or replacement of mobile phone consumers, shutdown stop using, and consider the various remedial method. On Thursday, Samsung Electronics shares rose 1%, which is the first time since the fall of the world for the first time in more than a quarter of the rise, which indicates that the storm caused by the Note 7 in the announcement of permanent production began to subside after the gradual decline. However, Samsung Electronics is still facing a huge problem: so far has not found or announced the root cause of the battery combustion failure. (Comprehensive dawn) wonderful video recommended national WeChat era, with voice function 60 seconds is what kind of experience? Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (ten).相关的主题文章: