Remind! The national day return to awarding Dongguan 1 million 310 thousand and 920 thousand will ex innawoods

Remind! The national day return to awarding Dongguan 1 million 310 thousand and 920 thousand will expire by the Sohu recently, Guangdong Province welfare lottery center database retrieval, National Day of Guangdong province after the two prize of more than double chromosphere is about to expire, but the winner has not appeared. According to the provisions of the "Regulations" lottery, lottery winners shall be 60 calendar days from the date of the lottery, the winning lottery ticket to a designated location awarding overdue awarding as qijiang. The overdue awarding bonuses into the lottery, for social welfare undertakings. 3 over the same period two prize awarding period in October 8th, including a 920 thousand yuan of 3 has not appeared in the awarding deadline is October 8th two prize winner, from the evening of August 7, 2016 lottery Shuangseqiu 2016091st, there are 1 lottery tickets with 10 times the single note, only 20 yuan, 927 thousand and 600 yuan in prize money the ticket, the ticket betting station address is: Zhuhai City, Gongbei Port Plaza B1 floor DTB022 counters, betting time is 18:39 on August 7, 2016 for 07 seconds. While the other two are not awarding of the lottery is the 5 note single way ticket, only 10 yuan, the 1 note 92760 yuan prize two, including a number of lottery betting is optional, address: Xinghua building in Dongguan City Chudo town South Village Industrial Zone No. 5 shop on the other; a lottery ticket is selected, betting address is: Zhaoqing Gaoyao City Jinli Town Jinlong Avenue opposite the rural credit cooperatives. According to the 60 days of verification period, Shuangseqiu 2016091st period was finally awarding period is October 6th, due to the National Day holiday, so the last period of awarding postponed to October 8th day. Hope that the above three lucky lottery lottery to seize the last chance, don’t miss the prize. There are 1 national day after the expiration of the million prize is located in Dongguan city Tangxia town of Tong Lung Road No. 82 betting station on August 23, 2016 in the lottery Shuangseqiu 2016098th two prize in the 5 note, vote two prize 5 note from a purchase amount of 10 yuan note 1 to 5 times the total was single. A bonus of 1 million 319 thousand and 900 yuan, the lottery last term expiry date is October 24th. The holidays should pay more attention to keeping the Dongguan lottery lottery, timely awarding should pay special attention to! Not more than 1 million 310 thousand yuan and 920 thousand yuan lottery prize from Dongguan city. In January 11th this year, Dongguan city is the birth of the double chromosphere 25 million 650 thousand Qijiang, which has become the largest Qijiang China welfare lottery history at present. Dongguan City, although the strength of the economy, but gambling is easy, not easy to win, and cherish ah. The provincial welfare lottery center called: the long National Day holiday to the busy holiday at the same time, the majority of lottery lottery don’t forget, please take good care of the lottery lottery service. The Spring Festival, every year the size of the golden week, is the high incidence of Qijiang lottery. Larger population before and after the holiday, resulting in poor custody of the lottery. Hometowns, traveling and other factors disrupt the normal frequency of the lottery lottery, lottery winning number view makes part of negligence not timely, awarding lottery lost. I hope the holidays should pay more attention to the custody of the lottery lottery, and.相关的主题文章: