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Pu Jinhui "bestie intervention" scandal fermentation Korea protests as one falls, another rises data figure: South Korean President Park Geun hye 29 people in South Korea held in Seoul square protest, asked the President Park Geun hye to step down. In October 30 Xinhua comprehensive report, Cui Shunshi "in the dry South Korean President Park Geun hye trusted political scandal. Chong Wa Dae spokesman said 28 evening, Pu Jinhui ordered the day 10 Chong Wa Dae senior secretary resigned, ready to shake up the Chong Wa Dae staff team. On the other hand, held a series of large-scale demonstrations in Seoul, the South Korean people before the park down the request. Reported that park Geun hye in 28 night indicating the collective resignation of 10 senior consultant. These cadres including Chong Wa Dae Chief Secretary of Civil Affairs Officer Yu Yu handle, and senior secretary of economic security in the former alleged Jong, father-in-law home real estate transaction, enjoy special treatment and son military service issues, and was unable to stop the latter work along Zheng Cui, Cui suspected of assisting cis to South Korea business pressure two fund for Korean companies to Cui Shunshi will set up large sums of money. On the other hand, South Korean prosecutors raided the Chong Wa Dae in 29, a senior consultant, two assistant and Deputy Minister of culture of the apartment, take a group of computer and files, and to search a Chong Wa Dae office. But Chong Wa Dae denied a search. South Korean authorities have Shunshi Cui use and park, to obtain funds from the main investigation of Korean enterprises. Last month, South Korean media reported that Cui has affected the government policy, Cui Shunshi has left for germany. Her lawyer said that if the South Korean prosecutors summoned Cui Shunshi, she would return home for questioning. At the same time, South Korea’s protest, Cui Shun hard governance sound after another. 30 evening, more than 20 thousand South Korean people gathered in Seoul Square demonstrations, they held the candle, a banner, and shouting "down with Pu Jinhui" and other slogans. Demonstrators from the Seoul square, the Chong Wa Dae forward. Police in order to prevent conflict between the two sides, dispatched 4800 police to maintain order. Organized demonstrations of civil society representatives said that from November 1st to 12, every night will be held in Seoul Square demonstrations, asked Park Geun hye stepped down, urged the government to find out the truth. In addition, the South Korean more than and 40 university teachers and students have published the declaration requirements, park Geun Hye down. Moreover, 50 South Korean overseas overseas Chinese organizations also issued a statement, "said Park Geun hye no longer eligible for handling state affairs". The latest data of South Korea South Korea 28 pollster Gallup announced that the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate of 14%, a record low since its inauguration. Analysis pointed out that the park 25, Cui Shunshi review a speech the president apologized to the public speech. But park Geun hye issued an apology statement, the support rate continues to decline. Because people believe that the president’s apology can not feel completely true, her speech has caused the situation of add fuel to the flames.相关的主题文章: