Peter Ho was newly married shaved head one face grievance called blue thin letinous edodes –

Peter Ho was married wife shaved head   a face of injustice called "thin blue letinous edodes" – Beijing Channel – original title: Peter Ho was a newlywed wife shaved face grievance "thin blue letinous edodes" photograph: Peter Ho micro-blog screenshot in new network on 13 October, according to the Taiwan news, "Dong Senxin heard" Peter Ho in September 1st just married Peggy door, married less than 2 months, he play it immediately become bald, his wife personally battle the knife, he joked, idol burden is very heavy, a face of injustice to the camera said "could be seen near the eyes of tears," he jokes on his wife said "you just got married, I will you want to become a monk", also said that "only to design a new hairstyle? The most basic trust between husband and wife? Blue, thin, letinous edodes." Wife also responded by saying "Hello sir, not resigned to playing second fiddle." Peter Ho to play "that bloom on a perfect circle", the bald appearance appeared, this movie is he in 2003 following the "jade goddess of mercy", and Sun Li two degrees of cooperation, coupled with the introduction of small black, after a lapse of 13 years, the "iron triangle" fit, "he said at the scene to see just the moment Sun Li. Feel as if through the same, so many years, she (Sun Li) really did not change." It is reported that his character set is the perfect super warm male, super expect Biao play the same stage. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: