Pay attention to the islanders! Found suspected fire ant disaster please report in time 步步高i606

Pay attention to the islanders! A suspected fire ants disaster please report the ants (map) Southern Metropolis Daily News November 2nd (reporter Hu Chengyong) for the effective prevention and control of fire ants disasters will continue to occur and spread within the scope of the province, according to the relevant laws and regulations and the "Hainan province fire ant prevention and control of emergency pre case", "Hainan province people’s Government Office on the issuance of red imported fire ants and the overall scheme of the notice", November 1st, Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture and Forestry Department of Hainan Province issued "on the strengthening of the ants supervision at the source of the notice". Notice that the ant is a kind of invasive alien species, is the focus of prevention and control of quarantine in our province, not only for agricultural production and human health has serious harm, and damage to the ecological environment is also great. Notice requirements, all in accordance with the "classification management, classification, prevention and control of territorial response" principle, the ants disaster where the municipal and county governments and relevant departments must earnestly fulfill the responsibility and responsibility, strengthen the fire ants disaster supervision, quarantine and control organization strength, mobilize the masses to serious occurrence area for investigation, quarantine, control and fight. In and out of island port and airport set up plant quarantine station (post), access to the island of plant seedlings, flowers, bonsai, turf, soil animal manure (raw materials) and conduct quarantine inspection in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章: