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Every ride facing torture and how can the friendly taxi? Sohu technology drops in recently on the ride had a facelift, the new passenger used routes, passengers can choose active owners; owners can set up automatic orders, take the initiative to invite passengers ride, as well as the new owner of passengers mutual concern and other functions. Compared to the previous version, ride to the driver and passengers more choice, because the new version of the key steps in the increase of the confirmation function, compared to the previous "automatic counterparts" can be said to be a progress. The ride is the essence of carpool, many do not recognize out with drops, has become a habit for many people. By constantly burn the education market, every harvest a large number of users. From the car to the express train to ride even the bus, a unified travel arena by means. Now, after the express service drops gradually become a fixed pattern, drops began to ride. But regardless of price or revision, ride seems to have not been able to effectively persuade passengers, to convince the market. People on the ride price sensitivity seems to be even higher than the express, which is naturally because there are many "suspicious" ride ride is indeed faced with embarrassment. For example, a man in Zhuhai recently, in an interview with the way by touting allocation ride cost of oil, but was found in Zhuhai City Transportation Bureau, Mr. Yang has not obtained the operation license, therefore suspected of illegal operations, the man is faced with a fine of 10000 yuan, there are also many similar time. It said that although the society calls for the legalization of voice rising carpool, carpooling behavior in many places but is still illegal behavior, ride, obviously for the black car washed. For the drivers, carpool means is not for profit, but for the owners and passengers of both sides to save money. The operating mode of the carpool by making full use of idle resources, solve the difficult problem of the rush of vehicles and traffic congestion. For the ride, although buttoned up the "sharing economy" of the hat, is ultimately a carpool mode, but in the actual implementation process, the actual operating property paid ride than the carpool properties, and compared with the taxi ride, the price more cheap, so in many areas can not be recognized by the main or because of the threat to the taxi. Property ride too obviously paid against the intention to share the economic operation recently, many received to lift the main pieces of text messages, said the ride will increase earnings of 20%, it is from the starting price of the original 3 kilometers within 10 yuan, after 1.3 yuan per kilometer, adjusted to within 3 km 12 yuan, after each km 1.5 yuan. For the price adjustment, explained in terms of drops, the original intention of the price is to solve the cost of the owner. The past is ranging from 1-1.2 yuan per kilometer, the owner’s cost is not just the cost of oil (vehicle fuel consumption is not the same, is not the same), and expensive time cost (waiting for the detour, etc.). Many owners said cover is less than the cost, to give up the ride, so only this measure." The question arises, since the car right相关的主题文章:

New York found second suspected explosive device, said the mayor has nothing to do with terrorist at iptd-651

New York found that second suspected explosive device, said the mayor did not fear the local time on September 17th, the United States, Manhattan, New York suspected explosion, resulting in 15 people were injured. According to reports, the firefighters have rushed to the scene to rescue the accident suspected explosion has led to 15 people were injured, were injured, no deaths. Beijing, September 18, according to foreign media reports, local time on the evening of 17, New York Chelsea community, a garbage bin suspected of being put on the explosive device, the explosion led to minor injuries to the 26. Within a few hours after the incident, the police have found in the vicinity of second suspected explosive devices. New York city mayor Baisi Hao said preliminary evidence shows that this was a deliberate act, but there is no evidence that the explosion associated with terrorist attack, no clear evidence linking New Jersey and New York bombings in Manhattan. Reported that the explosion occurred at 8:30 on the evening of 17 or so, the police then searched the neighborhood. At 27 p.m., they found a suspected explosive device on the west side of the street, just a few blocks from the site of the explosion, at about 11. It is reported that New York police and firefighters have rushed to the scene and investigate the cause of the explosion. The explosion occurred in a busy street in Chelsea. Hundreds of people have fled the area after the explosion, and police have cordoned off the area. New York police issued a notice to remind motorists may have traffic jams in the explosion area, and suggested that the public to avoid the area.相关的主题文章:

All the way north to Inner Mongolia, sing a song Caoyuanmuge, view a Yunjuanyunshu – tourism Sohu freyja

All the way north to Inner Mongolia, sing a song Caoyuanmuge, view a Yunjuanyunshu – tourism Sohu July afternoon, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region tourism promotion will be held at Kokusai Hotel in Xi’an tianyu. Guests have a deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau Hao Zhanyan, deputy inspector of the Inner Mongolia Tourism Bureau, Zheng Jianing, Shaanxi, a number of travel agencies, as well as multimedia. Deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau Hao Zhanyan speech promotion conference, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau Hao Zhanyan said in his speech, the tourism industry is a comprehensive industry, belong to a shared economy, is an important driving force of economic growth, the future will continue in the tourism development, investment promotion, promotion, send each source, resources sharing and other aspects to further strengthen all-round cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Inner Mongolia Tourism Bureau deputy inspector Zheng Jianing said Inner Mongolia Tourism Bureau deputy inspector Zheng Jianing said, the folk cultural differences ShanMeng two province, tourism resources complementary, this seminar aims to Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo as an opportunity to further promote the Inner Mongolia tourism resources and product line, enhance the Shaanxi tourism development in Inner Mongolia the understanding and cooperation, seek common prosperity and development of the tourism industry in two provinces. Shaanxi, Mongolia and the two travel agencies to send each other tourists signing ceremony of the promotion meeting, the representative of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on its rich tourism resources and products were displayed, inviting visitors to Shaanxi resort experience. The promotion meeting, Shaanxi and Mongolia travel agencies to send each other tourists signing ceremony was signed, the introduction will be interspersed with a variety of interactive links, narrowing the distance between Shaanxi and mongolia. Brief introduction of Inner Mongolia tourism resources in Inner Mongolia province Chinese longitude largest, beautiful prairie Hulun Buir, Xilin Gol prairie, the Hulun Lake, Xilamuren grassland, and Baer lake, Greater Khingan Range virgin forest, Badan Jilin desert and Tenggeli desert, Kubuqi Desert Xiangshawan and rich tourism resources. At the same time, Inner Mongolia is still "Tianjiao" the hometown of Gen Gi Khan, there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty such as Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, the tomb of Zhaojun, five when called, etc.. Hulun Buir prairie Hulun Buir Grassland is one of the world’s most famous three prairie, where a vast territory, an exquisite scenery, lush plants, more than 3 thousand rivers and more than and 500 arranged in a crisscross pattern, dotted with lakes, to form a magnificent picture, has been extended to the Songtao agitation of the Greater Khingan Range. Xiangshawan Xiangshawan is the first Chinese desert tourist resort, is the world’s first and largest desert ropeway China camels, there are dozens of exciting entertainment for tourists to experience the desert, Xiangshawan is the most complete facilities of the Inner Mongolia tourism gold tourism region, is closely connected with the surrounding grassland, desert, zhaomiao and the mausoleum scenic area. Asihatu Shilin "asihatu" is Mongolian, meaning "steep rock". Ashatus Lin distribution in Greater Khingan Range peak and 40 km north of North Yellow Aluminum soil on the mountain, the distribution area of about 15 square kilometers. Ashatus Lin is a new type of granite landform and stone forest landscape combination, is a strange landscape is unique in the world. Badan Jilin desert.相关的主题文章:

The customer said eat 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores responded 19ise.com

The customer said eat 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores responded the original title: female customers have 3 pieces of free tea called pig stores: other products over Ms. Ni said abused in this position. We usually go shopping, often encounter the store launched the product sample but the people of Guiyang, Ms. Ni has to reflect this, she ate 3 pieces of free refreshments in the store, but the manager scolded is a pig, the two sides do scuffle. However, the tea shop manager in an interview with reporters, denied Ms. Ni said. Customer: eat 3 pieces of tea is called pig 11 yesterday morning, the reporter saw Ms. Ni in jiaxiulou nearby. She took a deformed gold bracelet told reporters, "was the clerk who snapped the bracelet." Ms. Ni told reporters, October 28th at 6 pm, she bought something in a tea shop, ate 3 pieces of free refreshments offered by the store. "Unexpectedly, after eating, the manager even said," you eat so much, you are a pig? "" Ms. Ni said, after listening to her, thinking that he was abused her, and the other theory, unexpectedly, the two sides scuffle. Ms. Ni recalls, when pulling, another employee also hit from behind the back of her head. While the two sides pulling, her gold bracelet was tearing, a bracelet disappeared. Ms. Ni said, she hopes to her apology, and compensation for her lost bracelet. Otherwise, she will be protected through judicial channels. See the reporter from Ms. Ni provided on the medical records, preliminary diagnosis: Patients with systemic soft tissue contusion. Manager: she spilled product with the conflict for Ms. Ni said, the manager denied Ms. pan. Ms. Pan said that day, Ms. Ni came to the store, the store is the first to eat to provide free tea, and in the process of eating each other, picked up a box of cookies, this product will be expired, it will immediately make the store shelf products. Ms. Pan said, I explained to her, this product is not expired until December 11th, you want to buy now, do not buy can also be." Unexpectedly, this sentence, Ms. Ni their products are pushed to the ground. Because of this, the two sides quarrel." Ms. Pan said, in the event of a quarrel, she never said that the other is a pig, in addition, in clashes between the two countries, the staff did not hit the back of her head, the two sides are simply pulling, and then the other gold bracelet has not been broken, no mention Bracelet lost. Ms. Pan said, after the incident, Ms. Ni call the alarm call, West Lake police station and police retrieved surveillance video store. Unfortunately, the two sides took place in the surveillance video is caught blind. West Lake police station police officer told reporters, the day of the incident under the coordination of the police, the two sides have their own signature. Quit. "If the other side is still entangled, I hope she will take the judicial approach." Ms. pan said. Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

Nitrogen acceleration is false! Ten big lie about racing game – Sohu carmex润唇膏

Nitrogen acceleration is false! Ten lie on the car racing game – Sohu as a game player, you will attract interest in the subject matter very much, FPS, RPG, FTG… Today we are accompanied by the roar of engines to look at the game is how to use a variety of "not true" to the performance of full agonistic activity and deadly beauty of this car. Developers of the game to make the game more interesting, will generally make the game less authentic, this is certainly a good thing, you don’t want to in the speed of 200Km s but because of Hurricane wiped a roadblock crash, that’s too mean. Friction count a bird! The friction of the problem but the enemies of the game developers. In real life, it may lead to spontaneous drift all dumbfounding, but in the game, it is just to let you in turn is not so easy. The friction force in the game and what will bring a fatal problem, when you drive back to wall the most vicious punishment but also allow you to slow down, but when you hold tightly when nitrogen accelerated, all friction seems to go. When hitting the opponent’s car, you don’t have to think about the wear of the car and the tyres. Of course, we loved more is the result after the tyre burst by the opponent game player after vehicle collision, and then you look at the scenery in front of the computer for six hours to reach the SWAT team’s spare tire. Even the SUV to 160Km h Biao after the hairpin game developers are in love can unlock the vehicle Riga so few cars SUV, they don’t seem to want to look more "slim" run over the entire game. In terms of gameplay, they did a good job. But why is it that you’ve never seen a SUV on TV? You’ll see. when you open a SUV, a big car this bloated even if you to 60Km when the speed of H corner, you can feel it will be turned upside down. In the game, even if you put 180 degrees in situ U-turn at a rate soared and then added to the handbrake, your car will still firmly stay on the ground. In the real world, you’d better not do not believe you went to see my video. It’s really cool to hit the opponent! We are playing a racing game, we are very clear that they play very bad, but this does not mean that we can not win, after all, there are so many sell Meng opponent. Half of my game strategy is to go to his X rankings! Take this for XX over again! My success, I can drive my car to the end point line leisurely. In this "burnout" and "need for speed" repeatedly in the cool, but in the "GT car" did not use what you know. Maybe you can smash them, but you will receive the same punishment, where there is a "need for speed" in the Kela gold possessed car playing so cool. The car should be able to fly this week I play "need for speed 17" fast play spit, and "burnout: Paradise", this game is trying to convey an important signal of the physics game player is: "what is the gravity? Sure。相关的主题文章:

2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye wetnwild

2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye Hongkong electronics products exhibition organized by the Hongkong Trade Development Council, has been held 35 sessions, is the world’s largest electronics exhibition. 2015 Hongkong Electronics Fair 3575 companies from 25 countries and regions participating, the total number of visits to 66204 people, mainly from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East market. As the mainland’s largest electronics show in Hongkong Chinese level agents, Hongkong electronics products exhibition is the world’s largest electronics exhibition, growing scale, gathering a total of 3436 from 30 countries and regions participating enterprises, including new Denmark, Portugal and Sweden exhibitors, refresh the record. Mainland China’s Fujian province and Jiangmen, as well as Taiwan and Han Guojun organized the exhibition hall, the peak lineup. The 4 day exhibition attracted more than 68000 buyers to visit, of which more than 44000 buyers from the field. The ten buyers are mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Germany and India. Imagine the endless, infinite wisdom, intelligent progress of human society, always in the future infinite forecast outline to become a reality, in the field of intelligent vehicle navigation, the charm of the tachograph since the brand since the date of birth to the future traffic imagination into intelligent reality within reach, vowed to drive the development of intelligent vehicle industry. The charm of the aircraft carrying its products unveiled Hongkong electronics products exhibition, the effect is striking.   m an interactive network Limited is the integration and development of the network technology company has been committed to intelligent hardware, and continuously from the development process more consideration of consumer preferences, in this exhibition, airlines also bring a variety of charm for the next line of the goods, provide more systematic and rich product chain for the majority the dealer. Guests can not only experience the upcoming mass production of mysterious new products, will also see MD2 upgraded version of MD2Pro, with 1440p+ after pulling the camera, as well as ME1 MD2 MC6, etc.. As a leader in the automotive industry, since the air traffic recorder charm city with "intelligent sharing + Voice gesture pictures + driving notes" to attract the majority of consumers to distinguish the traditional core selling point driving record, and successfully combined 360, Meizu, Shenzhen traffic police, SAIC and other companies to launch new products.相关的主题文章:

Director Jeffrey Lau on the westward journey 3 don’t worry about the box office has been back to the www.baid.com

Director Jeffrey Lau on the "westward journey 3:" don’t worry about the box office has to the Sohu culture channel directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Wu Jing and the "westward journey 3" Mid Autumn Festival "landing. The first day of release exceeded 100 million, the box office accounted for more than 38.63%, leading the mid autumn festival film market. The "Westward Journey" series of films as the most important works of Jeffrey Lau, over the years have been concerned, multi interpretation, there is a lot of people were moved by the story, there are a lot of people have died in the ending. After a lapse of 20 years, Jeffrey Lau to restart the "big IP", he said to do third out of the audience and answering questions, ending a look forward to more people. Today, the "westward journey 3" box office record is impressive, but the reputation is polarized, the fans appreciate the love in the "full moon" harvest happy endings, fans have commented "Dahua" has become a "joke", the movie jumble. Have a hand "will", "Westward Journey" series, "92 black roses to black roses" and other Chinese classical comedy Jeffrey Lau, in 90s, he was at the box office and reputation guarantee. Whether it is the role of Bodhi (grape), screenwriter or director Jeffrey Lau Giambi, the name means "a powerful and unconstrained style of the imagination, wanton humor, let a person can’t help laughing nonsense", which became his travels label. However, the "North" after the film, almost all works of reputation are not satisfactory, began to be seen as a box office, "westward journey 3" to him more like a long and thrilling adventure, "finished this one, I can complete the" Westward Journey "and say goodbye." Beijing News reporter exclusive interview with Jeffrey Lau, together with the secret story behind the story. Live in Jeffrey Lau film will break up? What do I care is regarded as a classic "Westward Journey" series, in Hongkong in 1995 and was released in the mainland box office fiasco. Two before a total investment of HK $about 60000000, the first box office 25 million, issued more than a month after the final "get married" to 29 million at the box office, can barely recover the cost. At that time, to assist in the filming of Xi’an film studio even called the "cannot reflect the cultural pursuit of West Film Studio", privately likened it to trash". However, after a few years, these works suddenly became popular in the mainland on the Internet, "laugh with tears" style of comedy get outside countless interpretation and frenzy and even be regarded as "postmodernism" classic works. Jeffrey Lau unexpected, he still remember the "Westward Journey" was refurbished and mainland fried fire scene, "Wong Kar Wai called me and said pirated CDs are sold crazy, Stephen Chow also called fire." Many people believe that the "Westward Journey" has become the classic, a group of actors contributed, and then Stephen Chow, Athena Chu, Karen Mok drama "cut and chaotic" triangle, also seems to make people look at the feelings in more heart". Jeffrey Lau laments the film circulating a statement, actress pat Jeffrey Lau’s film will break up, "everyone blame me, I can only say what happened with me, but every time it really wan相关的主题文章:

2016 China Romania Film Festival Opening ddrtys

2016 Chinese Romania Film Festival – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) Chinese by the State Press and publication sponsored by the SARFT film Bureau and the Romania National Film Center 2016 Chinese Romania Film Festival kicked off in Beijing on the evening of 14. The opening film "Paris" to the director, starring Dorrell Schell class? Malineisiku visan exchanges with the audience?. During the film festival screenings will be "to" Paris "tracks" "Carmen" "and" "Kira? Jilalina mountain home" 5 Romania films. These films are diverse, reflecting the contemporary Romania film production standards and artistic level. The "Snow Mountain House" is the sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or Award nominees, and represent Romania in the best foreign language film Oscar award in 2017. The two countries signed the "Romania and People’s Republic of China in 2014-2016 on each other to do the film show the memorandum of understanding" in 2014, China and Russia in the festival, boost exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the film. In 2014, Romania China Film Festival was held in three in Romania city of Bucharest, Craiova, Arad, on the "twelve year" "great master" "Beijing love story" "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" "over the old courtyard" 5 Chinese film, by the Romania audience. The film festival will continue until 24 May, in addition to Beijing, will be held related activities in Shanghai, Xi’an, Romania, the National Film Center Director Bianca? 22 movie delegation led by mbfel will participate in the festival activities. (end)相关的主题文章:

Chen Hong was sued by her ex husband’s mother received a copy of the document alleged fraud (video) www.1234567.com

Chen Hong’s ex husband sued its parent by equity file signature alleged fraud [Abstract] a related dispute forensic Book abest shares, abest Home Real Estate Development Company Ltd. shares change materials, the company chairman Li Jun and his mother’s signature was identified as non my handwriting. Chen Hong’s mother was equity file signature alleged fraud singer Chen Hong (information) JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Heng) yesterday, reporters from the singer Chen Hong ex husband Li Jun families informed, Chen Hong and her ex husband Li Jun Yazhijie equity dispute has made new progress. A related dispute forensic Book abest shares showed abest Home Real Estate Development Company Limited shares change materials, the company chairman Li Jun and his mother’s signature was identified as non my handwriting. And through these materials, the company’s equity is changed to the name of Chen Hong’s mother. Currently, Li Jun has made an application to the business sector, the revocation of the request to change the ownership of the business registration certificate to the mother of Chen Hong. Industry and Commerce Department initially identified Beijing Yazhijie home real estate development company suspected of defrauding the company registration by submitting false materials, and investigation. Chen Hong was charged with ex military identity business in March 3, 2014, our boss Li Jun and his wife Chen Hong divorce when a "equity transfer agreement", Li Jun will transfer 50% of its name Beijing Yazhijie Advertising Co. Ltd, Beijing Yazhijie Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Yazhijie home equity real estate development Co. Ltd. and other nine companies to Chen Hong. At the end of June 2015, Li Jun said the prosecution to the court, the parties entered into the contract, he ignored Chen Hong’s military status. In accordance with the provisions of the "Chinese people’s Liberation Army interior service regulations" article 114th, "the military not to do business, shall not be engaged in their occupation and other paid intermediary activities." Li Jun said, in view of the above provisions, he did not agree with Chen Hong by the management company, but Chen Hong when he was not in the company as forcibly achieved company seals, and the actual conduct of the operation and management activities. Li Jun asked the court to determine whether the two sides signed the equity transfer agreement, the relevant provisions of invalid. In the case when the trial in February this year, Chen Hongfang said in reply, Li Jun Sue had no factual and legal basis, the petition involved in the "equity transfer agreement" clause is a clause that is authorized, Li Jun will be awarded the Chen Hong related rights. "China people’s Liberation Army interior service regulations" is equivalent to the departmental rules and regulations, legal effect not departmental regulations as the legal basis of invalid contract; in addition to Chen Hong after obtaining authorization, and not to do business, not related to the evidence and the case of Li Jun. Change of equity materials were identified as false signature handwriting in early March, Li Jun put forward to the business sector, our home company equity transfer related materials previously suspected of fraud. May, the industrial and commercial departments to accept the case, and commissioned by the Beijing Center for judicial identification of the balance of the material changes in the judicial identification. Reporters learned from the families of Li Jun, the current judicial expertise has been relevant conclusions. Li Jun’s signature identification materials for the March 3, 2014 "Beijing abest home real estate development Co., the sixth session of the second meeting of shareholders resolution", "investment transfer agreement", the reference sample is sin相关的主题文章:

Tip in addition to dry hair dryer can be so used clazziquai

Tip: in addition to dry hair dryer can be used such as essential household appliances, I believe that most people have a hair dryer. However, the main role of the hair dryer is dry hair, when the weather is cold, it can use the fastest speed to dry your hair, let you sleep. In addition to dry hair, hair dryer can actually help you solve this, more life status". Cold season, the use of hair dryer attention on October, although it is autumn, but the temperature in the North has begun to decline, we all wear warm clothing to go out to work. In daily life we clean up, most people every few days will wash hair, but now the cold weather, people are in the habit of washing their hair with a hair dryer to dry hair, in order to reduce the bad effect on the body caused by wet hair. Below, we look at the cold weather, the use of hair dryer should pay attention to what matters. When the weather is cold, hair dryer is best used at home, can not be used for industrial purposes. When people use it to ensure that the hand is dry, can not be immersed in water. When the hair dryer starts, it should be far away from the water. Some hair dryer has its own power failure protection function, so the hair dryer cooling after a few minutes to use. When we use the hair dryer, do not plug the hair dryer, to keep the hood clean. If you find the hair on the hair dryer, please clean the hair without inserting it. Do not let the hair dryer is blocked, so that the use of the situation, prone to danger. After the use of hair dryer, to immediately cut off, and so on after cooling, placed in a well ventilated place, away from the sun. This can be more long-term use of hair dryer. In addition to dry hair, hair dryer can do these things when the weather is cold, wet shoes, it is not easy to dry. Such as the use of hair dryer to blow a few minutes of hot air shoes, shoes can become dry, warm and comfortable when wearing. Wash the bottle after drying is slow, such as water drain, use the hair dryer blow hot air into a residual water bottle will evaporate. As is the narrow mouth flask is a wind blowing at the bottom of the funnel neck, the formation of hot air circulation, also will soon be a bottle of water dry residue. The TV, radio and tape recorder, such as in the wet season long unused, in order to avoid boot leakage available on the ignition, hair dryer blowing hot air flooding tide, to extend the service life. If the weather is rainy days, remove the camera after use, can be the first to use hair dryer to dry box, after cooling, and then the camera camera lens implantation, can prevent mildew. Plastic seal sleeve uneven magnetic refrigerator, hair dryer available heating in the twists and turns, even slightly, weighing on flat glass, after cooling is straight smooth seal. General refrigerator in the use of a period of time, must be a cream. It takes a long time to defrost. When opening the refrigerator defrosting the freezer door, blowing hot air to the inside with a hair dryer, it can shorten the defrosting time. Cookies after wet, losing the original crisp and delicious flavor. If you use a blower to blow a blast of hot air.相关的主题文章:

Peter Ho was newly married shaved head one face grievance called blue thin letinous edodes – www.bxwx.org

Peter Ho was married wife shaved head   a face of injustice called "thin blue letinous edodes" – Beijing Channel – people.com.cn original title: Peter Ho was a newlywed wife shaved face grievance "thin blue letinous edodes" photograph: Peter Ho micro-blog screenshot in new network on 13 October, according to the Taiwan news, "Dong Senxin heard" Peter Ho in September 1st just married Peggy door, married less than 2 months, he play it immediately become bald, his wife personally battle the knife, he joked, idol burden is very heavy, a face of injustice to the camera said "could be seen near the eyes of tears," he jokes on his wife said "you just got married, I will you want to become a monk", also said that "only to design a new hairstyle? The most basic trust between husband and wife? Blue, thin, letinous edodes." Wife also responded by saying "Hello sir, not resigned to playing second fiddle." Peter Ho to play "that bloom on a perfect circle", the bald appearance appeared, this movie is he in 2003 following the "jade goddess of mercy", and Sun Li two degrees of cooperation, coupled with the introduction of small black, after a lapse of 13 years, the "iron triangle" fit, "he said at the scene to see just the moment Sun Li. Feel as if through the same, so many years, she (Sun Li) really did not change." It is reported that his character set is the perfect super warm male, super expect Biao play the same stage. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

Chinese football lottery 16175 game winning record of the 14 games www.ddd138.com

Chinese football lottery 16175 game of the outcome of the war record Leverkusen VS Red Bull team in the history of the two teams did not encounter the record of 14. Nuremberg VS Wuerzburg players in the history of the two teams have no record. Bielefeld VS Hayden’s teams in the history of war over 6 games, Bielefeld 1 wins 1 flat 4 negative. In the second division in the two teams played 2 times, Bielefeld 0 wins 1 flat 1 negative, into 2 ball lost 3 goals, including 0 wins 1 flat home court negative 0 Games, scoring 0 goals to lose 0 balls. Bielefeld Hayden Haim home court home court 15-16 grade season 0:0 season Deyi (15.09.12) 3:2 (16.02.28) 12-13 1:0 (12.10.27) third season 3:0 (13.04.20) 11-12 0:1 (11.10.01) third season 2:1 (12.03.24) VS Bochum Brunswick teams in the history of war over 32 games, Bochum 16 wins 5 flat 11 negative. In the second division in the two teams played 8 times, Bochum 4 wins 1 flat 3 negative, into 11 ball lost 11 goals, including 3 wins 0 flat home court negative 1 games, scoring 9 goals to lose 3 balls. Bochum Brunswick home court home court 14-15 grade season 3:2 season Deyi (15.02.14) 1:2 (14.08.31) 12-13 0:1 (13.03.16) 3:0 season Deyi (12.10.06) 11-12 2:0 (12.04.29) 4:0 season Deyi (11.11.27) 05-06 4:0 (06.03.19) 0:0 season Deyi (05.10.16) 84-85 1:0 (85.04.03) 1:3 Bundesliga (84.10.19) 83-84 Bundesliga   3:1 (84.02.04) Lorient VS Monaco teams in the history of war over 21 games, 5 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses Lorient. The two teams met in Ligue 20 times, Lorient 5 wins 5 flat 10 negative, into 20 ball lost 28 goals, including 3 wins 4 flat home court negative 3 games, scoring 12 goals to lose 12 balls. Grade Lorient season 15-16 League home court home court of Monaco 0:2 (16.01.17) 2:3 (15.09.20) 14-15 League 0:1 (15.05.24) 1:2 (14.08.11) 13-14 League 2:2 (14.02.01) 1:0 (13.09.15) 10-11 League 2:1 (10.09.26) 3:1 (11.02.13) 10-11 season league cup   1:1 (10.10.27) 09-10 League 2:2 (10.05.06) 2:0 (09.08.23) VS Leon Lille teams in the history of war over 91 games, Lille 36 wins and 21 draws)相关的主题文章: