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Nitrogen acceleration is false! Ten lie on the car racing game – Sohu as a game player, you will attract interest in the subject matter very much, FPS, RPG, FTG… Today we are accompanied by the roar of engines to look at the game is how to use a variety of "not true" to the performance of full agonistic activity and deadly beauty of this car. Developers of the game to make the game more interesting, will generally make the game less authentic, this is certainly a good thing, you don’t want to in the speed of 200Km s but because of Hurricane wiped a roadblock crash, that’s too mean. Friction count a bird! The friction of the problem but the enemies of the game developers. In real life, it may lead to spontaneous drift all dumbfounding, but in the game, it is just to let you in turn is not so easy. The friction force in the game and what will bring a fatal problem, when you drive back to wall the most vicious punishment but also allow you to slow down, but when you hold tightly when nitrogen accelerated, all friction seems to go. When hitting the opponent’s car, you don’t have to think about the wear of the car and the tyres. Of course, we loved more is the result after the tyre burst by the opponent game player after vehicle collision, and then you look at the scenery in front of the computer for six hours to reach the SWAT team’s spare tire. Even the SUV to 160Km h Biao after the hairpin game developers are in love can unlock the vehicle Riga so few cars SUV, they don’t seem to want to look more "slim" run over the entire game. In terms of gameplay, they did a good job. But why is it that you’ve never seen a SUV on TV? You’ll see. when you open a SUV, a big car this bloated even if you to 60Km when the speed of H corner, you can feel it will be turned upside down. In the game, even if you put 180 degrees in situ U-turn at a rate soared and then added to the handbrake, your car will still firmly stay on the ground. In the real world, you’d better not do not believe you went to see my video. It’s really cool to hit the opponent! We are playing a racing game, we are very clear that they play very bad, but this does not mean that we can not win, after all, there are so many sell Meng opponent. Half of my game strategy is to go to his X rankings! Take this for XX over again! My success, I can drive my car to the end point line leisurely. In this "burnout" and "need for speed" repeatedly in the cool, but in the "GT car" did not use what you know. Maybe you can smash them, but you will receive the same punishment, where there is a "need for speed" in the Kela gold possessed car playing so cool. The car should be able to fly this week I play "need for speed 17" fast play spit, and "burnout: Paradise", this game is trying to convey an important signal of the physics game player is: "what is the gravity? Sure。相关的主题文章: