New York found second suspected explosive device, said the mayor has nothing to do with terrorist at iptd-651

New York found that second suspected explosive device, said the mayor did not fear the local time on September 17th, the United States, Manhattan, New York suspected explosion, resulting in 15 people were injured. According to reports, the firefighters have rushed to the scene to rescue the accident suspected explosion has led to 15 people were injured, were injured, no deaths. Beijing, September 18, according to foreign media reports, local time on the evening of 17, New York Chelsea community, a garbage bin suspected of being put on the explosive device, the explosion led to minor injuries to the 26. Within a few hours after the incident, the police have found in the vicinity of second suspected explosive devices. New York city mayor Baisi Hao said preliminary evidence shows that this was a deliberate act, but there is no evidence that the explosion associated with terrorist attack, no clear evidence linking New Jersey and New York bombings in Manhattan. Reported that the explosion occurred at 8:30 on the evening of 17 or so, the police then searched the neighborhood. At 27 p.m., they found a suspected explosive device on the west side of the street, just a few blocks from the site of the explosion, at about 11. It is reported that New York police and firefighters have rushed to the scene and investigate the cause of the explosion. The explosion occurred in a busy street in Chelsea. Hundreds of people have fled the area after the explosion, and police have cordoned off the area. New York police issued a notice to remind motorists may have traffic jams in the explosion area, and suggested that the public to avoid the area.相关的主题文章: