National People’s Congress accused of beating the hospital nurse responded poor attitude pushed a fe diying

The National People’s Congress professor accused of playing hospital nurses responded: poor attitude pushed a few Sohu involved in response to news Professor nurse’s circle of friends screenshot 26 days, more than friends broke the news that occurred in the Department of Stomatology of Beijing Geriatric Hospital doctor patient assault incident, and said the batterer is Professor Peng Xinwu of Renmin University of China. Broke the news person, due to the weekend morning with more, the patients registered by, since 9:30 around the beginning of abusive and insulting to the Department of Stomatology doctor, the hospital explained fruitless mediation in the Department of Stomatology of a male nurse beaten. 27 afternoon, the Beijing Geriatric Hospital clinic director Shi Ning told reporters BYD, what really happened in Beijing Geriatric Hospital, batterer was in the Department of Stomatology is linked to No. 6 in the morning, they paid a total of 7 numbers, batterers row number is not high. Department of Stomatology doctors have been relatively slow, the average time of 40 minutes per person, the patient needs to wait for a long time. If the patient questioned the doctor chatting, can check the diagnosis records." About the injured nurse injuries, stone director said he had major injuries in the neck, chest, head was batterer pushed against the wall, have a concussion. The whole process of nurses are not hands-on, the presence of other patients can testify." For the incident, someone’s teacher Peng Xinwu told reporters on the BMC, 26, around 7 in the morning, he to the old hospital department of Stomatology registered doctor, waiting for nearly three hours after the discovery of the waiting area left him alone, see a doctor in the corridor into several chat came to consultation, the doctor answered in the case of bad attitude the verbal conflict, pushing each other. Miss Peng said, see the online drying out nurse injuries, hope by neutral hospital inspection appraisal, has been in the police station to make a record, "for what was going on, to speak with the facts." Hot springs police station said it had received a report, the specific case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: