More than 13 hospitals in the United States now super fungus infection in which 4 people died – Sohu

The hospital is now super fungi infected 13 people including 4 Dead – Sohu of science and Technology Beijing November 6, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released the investigation report, said for the first time a drug-resistant fatal fungus "super ear Candida" found in the United States, and the spread of the trend. Between May 2013 and August, 13 cases were found in hospitals and other medical facilities in the United States, of which 4 patients were suspected to have died. CDC officials have confirmed 7 cases of super fungal infection cases, of which 5 cases occurred this year, patients were from Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and New York, they all had severe symptoms, the average length of 18 days after diagnosis, 4 patients died, but it is not clear whether they directly due to lethal fungal infection. CDC in August this year after the discovery of the remaining 6 cases, are currently investigating, two of them from New Jersey, treated in the same hospital, fungal strains on them are almost exactly the same, reflecting the fungi can spread in the medical facility. In addition, a patient in Illinois has been hospitalized for other diseases, researchers found in his quilt, tables and chairs and other items found in fungi. Japan was first discovered in 2009, "ear road Candida", followed by more than and 10 countries have appeared in the case, was included in the super bacteria. CDC refers to the fact that in other countries, 60% of patients infected with "Candida tropicalis" died in the final, and most of the cases of fungi, all of the 3 major drug resistance, but the United States did not happen.相关的主题文章: