Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products surface studio amazing machine

Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products Surface Studio machine amazing Sina digital news October 26th news, Microsoft held a new conference in New York, released its first one product – Surface Studio, to enhance the performance and endurance of New Surface Book and Microsoft i7 wearing 3D display. Windows 10 is a direction of 3D Windows 10 next spring free upgrade Microsoft executive vice president Meyerson first came to power, he announced that the next windows 10 update creator undate offers free upgrade next spring. And the main function is 3D, which also means that Windows 10 Creator update will be integrated into the depth of the 3D function. Specific performance in the same years, the "drawing" program launched a 3D version, and had a very western style name – Paint 3D, the camera and the matting can be achieved by 3D. Microsoft also hand in hand Trimble brings the 3D community APP SketchUp, users can share through mobile devices to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or public network. The $299 Microsoft 3D 3D head mounted display HMD Microsoft released a 3D beyond all expectations of the head mounted display, and in cooperation with HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, $299. In addition, HoloLens will be built in 3D browser, in the Windows environment to create a full range of virtual space, allowing you to explore and access to new places through Hololens, but also in the Windows 10 platform to run. Beam software with Windows live broadcast Microsoft will broadcast function under the Windows 10 version of the update in the Xbox One S built-in games, and PC through the "flow" will be implemented in the next Windows update 10. Future players in the game, you can directly through the Windows 10 kinds of Beam software for live. The past two years for all the hardware and software vendors have begun to support the live function, this is no exception to launch Microsoft Beam live software. Windows 10 kinds of Beam software is the acquisition of Microsoft’s live streaming platform Beam nested, through the Beam platform, you can play the game in the process of direct interaction with other players chat. And other games broadcast platform is slightly different, Windows Beam software can "intervention" live game player, Microsoft hopes to provide and create their own game and challenge the power of the game game player, the game can be customized to do. Windows 10 and Xbox update with Dolby ATMOS support, ATMOS is also a panoramic sound technology of Dolby, is considered to have its own surround sound, theater audio collar.相关的主题文章: