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Japan’s economic delegation held a dinner – News Agency of the new network in Beijing in September 22, (Sha Hanting) in the history of the largest economic association joint visit day group on the evening of 22 held at the Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong banquet. The Japanese economic circle of China has been the forty-second since 1975, including many well-known enterprises in Japan, the leadership and executives, the total number reached more than 230 people. Muneoka Shoji, President of the Japan China Economic Association, said in his speech, the delegation on behalf of the Japanese economy as a whole". At the same time, he said, sent a delegation of such a scale also showed Japan’s concern and attention to China’s economy. "China’s economy has a huge impact on the Japanese economy and the world economy. The Japanese side is very concerned about China’s economic structural reforms aimed at expanding domestic demand, "said Muneoka Shoji. He also said in 21 held on "Japan entrepreneurs dialogue", both entrepreneurs on economic relations, enterprise innovation and enterprise strategic management issues in exchange, it is important to promote the understanding and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries in japan. The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, as a senior adviser to the delegation of Mr. Mimura Akio also give to "Japan entrepreneurs dialogue" high evaluation. He said in his speech, China’s young entrepreneurs for business enthusiasm impressed him deeply. He hoped that more exchanges in the future can be launched between the two entrepreneurs. Lu Pengqi, vice chairman of China Council for the promotion of international trade in his speech expressed the expectations of the Chinese and Japanese business community. He hoped that the business sector of the two countries can put their eyes on the long-term, through strengthening economic and trade cooperation, and make greater contributions to the improvement and development of Sino Japanese relations. "Sino Japanese economic and trade cooperation development to today’s level is the joint efforts of the two peoples, not easily won, you need to cherish," Lu Pengqi said, "only the long-term healthy and stable development of Sino Japanese relations, to bring benefits to the people of the two countries, to jointly maintain peace and stability in East asia." The delegation of the Japanese economy in the past two days and problems in the development of bilateral economic China national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce official discussions and exchange. (end)相关的主题文章: