Inventory of those coins value soaring pigeon blood

The value of the inventory of those precious metals and precious coins soaring banknotes worth, this is all known. But do you know that those with a small face value, even when they don’t have a bag of coins! Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce these very valuable coins ~ 1, the new coins of the ancestors of China in 80s, only coins in China without the issue of commemorative coins. So, hard cents since 1955, the production of sophisticated, high relief, mirror polishing, the degree of aesthetic art, any other coins are hard to his right, the subject is broader than the new commemorative coins China progenitor. 2, Chinese Wang –61 2 years circulation coins CCTV famous column "consumer advocate" reported on November 1, 2011, a 1961 2 cent coin auction price up to 50 thousand yuan, can change a car, far more than any of the new banknotes, stamps China value-added, value-added multiples of 2 million 800 thousand times, far more than in the value added rate other coins, the coins in circulation become fully deserve the king". 3, hard cents coin face time and casting time, release time were not consistent for the two currencies used in 1956 the actual cast in 1955, December 1, 1957 and 1955 edition coins issued at the same time. This is the time and hard cents coin casting time, currency time inconsistency problem. 4, Chinese coin five 1955 5 1956 2, Jane, 1956 5, 1957 5, 1959 1, the production of sophisticated mould, high relief, mirror polishing, the degree of aesthetic art, any other coins are hard to his right, called Chinese coin five Jane, were cast from in 50s, when casting the extremely limited amount of more than half a century after the groundless talk quantity is more rare, and its cultural value, social value, historical value is self-evident. 5, the the Great Wall is China circulation coins coins coins in circulation, but not widely traded at the price of raw materials (excluding production cost), a one yuan coin in the Great Wall of raw materials will be 1.22 yuan, this is the only production 6 years of production of the reasons. The Great Wall pictures first appeared on coins, 1 yuan 30mm diameter copper nickel alloy material is unprecedented in the new China. 6, one yuan will peony peony pattern on the back as one yuan coin, meaning "rich, strong and prosperous, and prosperity, truly embodies the peony elegant meaning: rich, stable, open and free time, great mind verve. Peony and the organic integration of the yuan, complement each other, for people at home and abroad. 7, third sets of copper plum five angle current coin only a dime is worth 5 copper casting, the new coins issued after 2000, in order to reduce the cost, the materials used are not copper, although the lotus 5 coins on the surface, the color is yellow. But it is in fact the steel material, the surface is plated with copper. 8, big 1 big 1 chrysanthemum chrysanthemum angle angle, edge shape, velvet glove type. To break the conventional innovation coin hundred years Chinese Mint in my s.相关的主题文章: