Inspection teams Tianjin port hazardous chemicals transport frequent security risks

Inspection teams: Tianjin port dangerous goods transportation safety risk frequent original title: political solution | Safety Committee of the State Council: Tianjin port dangerous goods transportation safety risk frequent Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shu Intern He Qiang) the afternoon of September 7th, the Fourth Committee of the State Council inspection team feedback of production safety inspections in Tianjin city to Tianjin municipal government. Guo Yunchong, head of the inspection team made it clear: Tianjin port cargo transport, especially hazardous chemicals transport frequently, greater security risks. According to the Tianjin Daily reported that in early May to the end of June, the State Council fourth inspection teams to conduct safety checks for more than a month in Tianjin city. In the feedback, and the weak link in the problems of production safety in Tianjin City, Guo Yunchong pointed out that the six points: some industry safety regulatory responsibility is not clear, the work of production safety responsibility assessment mechanism is not perfect; some enterprises responsible for production safety consciousness, initiative grasp the work of production safety is not strong; some enterprise security hidden hazards, emergency plan targeted is not strong; some local governments and departments safety supervision and law enforcement is not strict, some major risks, illegal behavior is not a long-term governance; port cargo transport capacity, especially in the transportation of dangerous goods frequently, greater security risk; lack of professional talent base safety supervision and law enforcement forces etc.. In this regard, the inspection group suggested that the Tianjin municipal government to seriously learn the painful lessons of 8· 12 major accidents occurred in recent years, major accidents, and effectively implement the safety production responsibility of territorial supervision, study and solve new situations and new problems in the work of production safety, and resolutely curb serious accidents to reduce the occurrence of large, and general accident. Inspection group also requested that the Tianjin municipal government attaches great importance to the rectification work found in inspections, the establishment of the list of issues and rectification responsibility list, study and formulate corrective measures, earnestly implement the rectification, the rectification report and submit to the safety committee of the state council. Subsequently, Tianjin City, deputy secretary and mayor Huang Xingguo made a position statement, "the question of the inspection group, should attach great importance to it, a comb, a rectification, to implement the leadership, implement to implement to county and fulfil responsibility department, and resolutely do responsibility and measures are in place, rectification in place." The evening of August 12, 2015, the city of Tianjin Binhai New Area of Tianjin port Ruihai International Logistics Co., dangerous goods warehouse fire explosion accidents, killing 165 people were killed and 8 people missing, 798 people were injured, the direct economic loss of 6 billion 866 million yuan. In February this year, approved by the State Council investigation team, Tianjin port "8· 12" accident is especially serious production safety accidents, also pointed out that the accident exposed the presence of laws, lax enforcement, lack of supervision and other issues related to local governments and departments, and suggested that the Tianjin municipal government was criticized, instructed the Tianjin municipal Party committee and the municipal government to make a profound examination of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; instructed the Ministry of transport to the State Council to make a profound examination. "8· 12" accident on the first anniversary of the first two days, Huang Xingguo had camp in August相关的主题文章: