Guangdong Shanwei to the selection of the annual salary of 40 principals Wanan fee of 300 thousand n x3210

Guangdong Shanwei to the national selection of principals in the annual salary of 40 home premium 300 thousand new net – Wan in the Nanfang Daily News (reporter Hong Jiyu Huang Jiafeng) 23 morning, I learned from Shanwei City Board of education, Shanwei city decided to open selection of the 3 principals of have both ability and political integrity respectively, Lin Peng Pai Wei Hua Middle School, middle school, Haifeng County Lufeng Jieshi middle school principal duties. The personnel employed by the annual salary of 400 thousand yuan, in place to perform their duties, will enjoy a one-time payment for 300 thousand yuan. It is understood that this is the first time in Shanwei open to the public selection of principals. The selection will adhere to the principle of openness, have both ability and political integrity, justice, merit principle, standardized procedures, accept social supervision. Meet the following conditions: one is the personnel can apply competition with People’s Republic of China nationality, support the constitution of People’s Republic of China. The two is the political thought firmly, law-abiding, honest, good conduct. Three is no violations of law (by Party and government discipline term expires or is to accept discipline review, as well as in the criminal punishment during or are subject to judicial investigation has not yet concluded, because once the crime criminal punishment personnel, other violations of state laws and regulations behavior of the staff, are not allowed to register). The four is the ordinary senior middle school in-service and vice president, under 50 years old (born after August 31, 1966), physical health, the working time for more than 5 years, vice president serving time for more than 6 years, and made the ordinary senior middle school principal qualification training certificate, with senior secondary school teachers professional titles, bachelor degree or above degree. Five is a strong ability to organize and coordinate management, during the tenure of office, the school or individual has won the provincial people’s government or educational administrative departments of recognition (or naming). Six is a strong educational and scientific research ability and management ability, above the provincial school in nearly 3 years of tenure (including provincial) scientific research project and scientific research, I have served at or above the provincial level (including the provincial) teach scientific research project leader. Seven is in the term of nearly 5 years, the school did not have a major campus safety accidents and violations of school running behavior. Eight must meet one of the following four conditions: was named national model teachers, national outstanding teachers, advanced workers, the national education system, national outstanding educators or the moral education and the ideological and political education work advanced individual; was named the national or provincial level "outstanding principals" and "outstanding presidents; enjoy special government allowances or above the provincial level as young experts with outstanding contributions; as the first person to complete the national teaching achievement award or prize of provincial teaching achievement. Shanwei City Board of education will apply for qualification examination, qualified candidates in the selection of qualified candidates to participate in a comprehensive interview (candidates free written). The interview is mainly to test the candidate’s comprehensive decision-making ability, management ability, organization coordinated ability, language expression ability, education law and the theoretical level, the competition speech, field defense, expert appraisal and other ways, according to the proportion of 1:1 determined to hire an object from high to low. The Council will also form an inspection team to be employed.相关的主题文章: