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Every ride facing torture and how can the friendly taxi? Sohu technology drops in recently on the ride had a facelift, the new passenger used routes, passengers can choose active owners; owners can set up automatic orders, take the initiative to invite passengers ride, as well as the new owner of passengers mutual concern and other functions. Compared to the previous version, ride to the driver and passengers more choice, because the new version of the key steps in the increase of the confirmation function, compared to the previous "automatic counterparts" can be said to be a progress. The ride is the essence of carpool, many do not recognize out with drops, has become a habit for many people. By constantly burn the education market, every harvest a large number of users. From the car to the express train to ride even the bus, a unified travel arena by means. Now, after the express service drops gradually become a fixed pattern, drops began to ride. But regardless of price or revision, ride seems to have not been able to effectively persuade passengers, to convince the market. People on the ride price sensitivity seems to be even higher than the express, which is naturally because there are many "suspicious" ride ride is indeed faced with embarrassment. For example, a man in Zhuhai recently, in an interview with the way by touting allocation ride cost of oil, but was found in Zhuhai City Transportation Bureau, Mr. Yang has not obtained the operation license, therefore suspected of illegal operations, the man is faced with a fine of 10000 yuan, there are also many similar time. It said that although the society calls for the legalization of voice rising carpool, carpooling behavior in many places but is still illegal behavior, ride, obviously for the black car washed. For the drivers, carpool means is not for profit, but for the owners and passengers of both sides to save money. The operating mode of the carpool by making full use of idle resources, solve the difficult problem of the rush of vehicles and traffic congestion. For the ride, although buttoned up the "sharing economy" of the hat, is ultimately a carpool mode, but in the actual implementation process, the actual operating property paid ride than the carpool properties, and compared with the taxi ride, the price more cheap, so in many areas can not be recognized by the main or because of the threat to the taxi. Property ride too obviously paid against the intention to share the economic operation recently, many received to lift the main pieces of text messages, said the ride will increase earnings of 20%, it is from the starting price of the original 3 kilometers within 10 yuan, after 1.3 yuan per kilometer, adjusted to within 3 km 12 yuan, after each km 1.5 yuan. For the price adjustment, explained in terms of drops, the original intention of the price is to solve the cost of the owner. The past is ranging from 1-1.2 yuan per kilometer, the owner’s cost is not just the cost of oil (vehicle fuel consumption is not the same, is not the same), and expensive time cost (waiting for the detour, etc.). Many owners said cover is less than the cost, to give up the ride, so only this measure." The question arises, since the car right相关的主题文章: