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Eight late death accident awarded for children’s compensation disputes cited Beijing –         court division basis: compensation nature, economic dependence and common life close degree of         eight year old king of the old man because of traffic accident unfortunately died, leaving a sum of more than 240 thousand yuan in compensation. However, because of this compensation, the king of the old man’s sons under dispute, end up in court. Who has the right to distribute the damages? How should the compensation be divided?         the articles of association of reporter correspondent Hu Mingtai, Fu Bin         August 2013, receiving treatment were 86 year old Wang driving electric cars and a bus after the collision, the unfortunate death on April 2014. Afterwards, the insurance company was ordered to pay 247654.31 yuan wang. After the court decision, the insurance company will pay the sum of compensation by the court escrow.         the king of the old man has seven children, his wife died many years ago, the eldest son died before the king of the old man, old four passed away in January last year. How to allocate the king of the old man left the more than 240 thousand yuan of compensation, the views of children is difficult to reach an agreement.         sixth, the insurance company claims in the prosecution case, other relatives have agreed to the insurance company the amount of 210 thousand yuan compensation in accordance with the requirements, he only increases the amount of compensation, and therefore bear a corresponding increase in litigation costs 740 yuan, the final court decision support, so compensation in excess of $210 thousand to his part should be appropriate, but do not agree with other relatives. After several unsuccessful deliberations, sixth decided on the court for compensation segmentation.         it was the youngest court besides the four brothers and sisters remaining alive, as well as the late boss of the two sons of A Jun, his firm and four niece for four Kobayashi, who had been intestate and notarized, to the name of all the property was bequeathed to his nephew female kobayashi.         according to five of the written pleadings, after his father’s death, family members is the first lawsuit, and the insurance company later, family members because of inheritance disputes again the court, now in order to segment compensation again quarrel, dispute continued, she requested the court according to law.         the second trial said, in his hospital, he spent 2000 yuan fee, request the court to take care of the division, the youngest brother has been in the multi inheritance dispute, in this litigation is also advocated more money, lack of justification, in addition, brother the fourth of father repeatedly refused to continue treatment, should be deprived of his rights.         third claimed that he is the father.相关的主题文章: