Don Gio Wade perception of the cultural changes of the year from the red War Comments on Sohu

Don Gio Wade: from the red war perception of folk culture change – Sohu comments "I haven’t see the show, has been down to grab a red envelope, now listen to you talk show ‘slot point’, I completely not knowing why it is so." In February 10th, the post-80s lady in Xi’an said, unfortunately, a long time ago, a family surrounded by television watching the Spring Festival Gala is the tradition of new year’s Eve, and now, red envelopes on the mobile phone gradually scattered everyone’s attention. The Spring Festival has become a festival for millions of people to bow their heads and leave their bodies alone. Mobile intelligent life changing impact spring festival, the festive way than in the past, has changed greatly. A new way to gradually replace the old way, the old custom is not immutable and frozen become more rich and diverse. In the Spring Festival of 2016, new year’s Eve "national grab red packets", so that the spring festival marked its own distinct. Online shopping, "reverse migration" special purchases for the Spring Festival spring, WeChat grab red, with his family to watch old movies…… Through the analysis of big data, it is not difficult to see that the custom in the era of change, continue to carry out the form of solidification, new customs are emerging. Only a short while ago, drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, exploring, and offering mammon, pay New Year’s call staying-up late on new year’s Eve, visiting the temple, Lantern Festival and other traditional festivals, whether in a ceremony or procedure, have already changed. Once people are tired of firecrackers, but also because of the enhancement of environmental awareness, but also gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Instead, during the Spring Festival, with the whole family, old and young away from the noise and annoyance, let the body, mind and spirit of nature and quiet, is already a new custom most city people new year "". The pursuit of peace of mind and rhythm more stable, more emphasis on individual freedom and diversification of forms, has become a new fashion festival. Nowadays young people are no longer bound by traditional human feelings and forms. They seem to be more open and free, and have more choices. No longer like the era of cultural poverty, watching TV before the Spring Festival, but can live alone in a room to read books, or invited 35 friends chat tea, and the ascendant in the students’ Union, comrades in arms and so on, but also added new content to the spring festival. Most of the time I spend my life with my family and friends. Based on the past form of material and spiritual culture of the poor, at present has achieved a complete deconstruction, such as couplets, or do a few meal at home, invited all the relatives and friends to come to dinner, or a day only eat leftovers, fifth garbage sent to poor, or based on these conditions can not be achieved based on the idea, or no longer stick, holiday as usual has no rules and taboos too much, only the same is home and relax the theme. If you compare the origin of the Spring Festival, it is not difficult to find that the form of the Spring Festival has been very different in the history of the wheel. Some people sigh in the new year scumble, did not have much meaning. Obviously, that’s based on the mind set and the stereotype. An era has the characteristics of an era, an era of an era of Spring Festival, mobile Internet and highly intelligent Spring Festival, before a lot of accompaniment music has become a theme song. Big data, the monkey spring festival period (New Year’s Eve to the Lunar New Year).

堂吉伟德:从红包大战感知年俗文化变迁-搜狐评论   “我就没看春晚,一直在低头抢红包,现在听大家议论春晚‘槽点’,我完全不知所以。”2月10日,西安80后牛女士有些遗憾地说,曾几何时,一家人围在电视前观看春晚是除夕夜的传统,而现在,在手机上抢发红包逐渐分散了大家的注意力。春节,已然成为“万人低头,机不离身”的节日。   移动改变生活,智能冲击春节,当前的过节方式较之于过去,已然发生了极大的变化。新的方式逐步取代了旧的方式,旧年俗已不再一成不变,变得更加丰富而多元。2016年春节,以除夕夜“全民抢红包”,让这个春节打上了自身鲜明的印记。网购年货、春运“逆向迁徙”、微信“抢红包”、家人同看老电影……透过大数据的分析,不难看出年俗在时代的变迁下,在不断地进行着形式的固化,新的年俗正在形成。   曾几何时,喝腊八粥、祭灶、守岁、拜年、祭财神、逛庙会、闹元宵等传统的过节形式,无论在仪式上还是在程序上,都已然发生了变化。一度被人乐此不疲的放鞭炮的行为,也因为环保意识的增强,也在逐步退出历史舞台。取而代之的是,春节期间,携一家老小远离喧嚣和烦扰,让身、心、灵回归自然与宁静,已然是多数都市人过年的“新习俗”。追求心灵的更加平静和节奏的更加平稳,更注重个体的自由度和形式的多元化,已然成为过节的新时尚。   现在的年轻人,已不再为传统的人情和形式所束缚,他们显得更加开放和自由,也具有更多的选择权。不必再像文化贫瘠的时代,守在电视前集体看春晚,而可以独居一室看看书,或者邀上三五友人聊天喝茶,而方兴未艾的同学会、战友会等,又给春节增添了新的内容。除了陪家人、朋友,大多数时间都是给自己的心灵放个假。过去基于物质和精神文化贫乏的形式设计,在当前已实现了完全性的解构,比如贴春联,或者在家中做上几桌饭菜,邀请所有的亲朋好友前来吃饭,或者初一只吃剩菜剩饭,正月初五倒垃圾送穷,这些或基于条件而无法实现,或者基于观念已不再坚守,过节跟平时一样已无太多的规矩与禁忌,唯有不变的是回家团聚和放松身心的主题。   如果对照春节的起源来看,不难发现春节的形式已在历史的车轮中迥然不同。有人感叹年味渐淡,过年已然没有了多少意义。很显然,那是基于思维固化、观念定势下的认知。一个时代有一个时代的特征,一个时代有一个时代的春节,移动互联和高度智能化下的春节,之前的很多伴奏曲已成为主题曲。大数据下,猴年春节期间(除夕到大年初五)微信红包总收发次数达321亿次,总计5.16亿人通过红包与亲朋好友分享节日欢乐,一批依托于新技术新平台的“二次元春晚”、“草根村晚”带来了新潮流。   文化部民族民间文艺发展中心主任李松认为,“对年味不足的抱怨,折射的是一种文化焦虑,是转型时期的文化纠结。”从农耕文明进入了工业文明,社会基础变了、文化生态变了,节日习俗随之变化则无可避免。因而,以新的眼光来看待和认识节日,才能用新理念服务新年俗,用新的智慧营造新的年俗。适应、接受和喜欢上新的年俗,才能让春节在与时俱进中,保持其文化内涵不变,才能让春节文化在传承中发扬光大。相关的主题文章: