Director Jeffrey Lau on the westward journey 3 don’t worry about the box office has been back to the

Director Jeffrey Lau on the "westward journey 3:" don’t worry about the box office has to the Sohu culture channel directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Wu Jing and the "westward journey 3" Mid Autumn Festival "landing. The first day of release exceeded 100 million, the box office accounted for more than 38.63%, leading the mid autumn festival film market. The "Westward Journey" series of films as the most important works of Jeffrey Lau, over the years have been concerned, multi interpretation, there is a lot of people were moved by the story, there are a lot of people have died in the ending. After a lapse of 20 years, Jeffrey Lau to restart the "big IP", he said to do third out of the audience and answering questions, ending a look forward to more people. Today, the "westward journey 3" box office record is impressive, but the reputation is polarized, the fans appreciate the love in the "full moon" harvest happy endings, fans have commented "Dahua" has become a "joke", the movie jumble. Have a hand "will", "Westward Journey" series, "92 black roses to black roses" and other Chinese classical comedy Jeffrey Lau, in 90s, he was at the box office and reputation guarantee. Whether it is the role of Bodhi (grape), screenwriter or director Jeffrey Lau Giambi, the name means "a powerful and unconstrained style of the imagination, wanton humor, let a person can’t help laughing nonsense", which became his travels label. However, the "North" after the film, almost all works of reputation are not satisfactory, began to be seen as a box office, "westward journey 3" to him more like a long and thrilling adventure, "finished this one, I can complete the" Westward Journey "and say goodbye." Beijing News reporter exclusive interview with Jeffrey Lau, together with the secret story behind the story. Live in Jeffrey Lau film will break up? What do I care is regarded as a classic "Westward Journey" series, in Hongkong in 1995 and was released in the mainland box office fiasco. Two before a total investment of HK $about 60000000, the first box office 25 million, issued more than a month after the final "get married" to 29 million at the box office, can barely recover the cost. At that time, to assist in the filming of Xi’an film studio even called the "cannot reflect the cultural pursuit of West Film Studio", privately likened it to trash". However, after a few years, these works suddenly became popular in the mainland on the Internet, "laugh with tears" style of comedy get outside countless interpretation and frenzy and even be regarded as "postmodernism" classic works. Jeffrey Lau unexpected, he still remember the "Westward Journey" was refurbished and mainland fried fire scene, "Wong Kar Wai called me and said pirated CDs are sold crazy, Stephen Chow also called fire." Many people believe that the "Westward Journey" has become the classic, a group of actors contributed, and then Stephen Chow, Athena Chu, Karen Mok drama "cut and chaotic" triangle, also seems to make people look at the feelings in more heart". Jeffrey Lau laments the film circulating a statement, actress pat Jeffrey Lau’s film will break up, "everyone blame me, I can only say what happened with me, but every time it really wan相关的主题文章: