Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu truffe

Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu opened, China’s famous ancient capital of eight dynasties, has a very rich history and splendid culture, travel to the city, is actually a review history, culture and experience the trip up position. Can feel the culture of the ancient city Kaifeng Longting, Tianbo Yang Fu Yang Jiajiang can enjoy the martyrs’ culture, the city government can understand BaoQingTian integrity culture, while the daxiangguo temple can read the opening of the religious culture. Kaifeng daxiangguo temple is a famous Buddhist temple, the temple has been built in AD 555, has a history of 1450. Over the past one thousand years, the daxiangguo temple contains profound culture and many legendary stories, which had a royal temple of glory, also has a cultural Temple style, also have the prosperity of the temple town. In history, it is not only the Buddhist holy land, but also the court ceremony, a high officials and noble lords merchants gathered in the market place, and held the Lantern Festival, festivals and other cultural entertainment folk park. Daxiangguo temple is a story of the temple, in the "journey to the west", "outlaws of the marsh", "three", "Sui Ping Yao Zhuan" to explain many other novels, we can see a lot of daxiangguo temple is described, such as "Li Shimin pavilion built temple, weichijingde six hundred miles away in Tongguan build the gate", "Lu Zhishen pull down Chuiyangliu" and "daxiangguo Temple wells on the East China Sea", "Di Qing took refuge in the daxiangguo Temple" and other stories, although the art processing components, but the status of remarkable daxiangguo temple. Open the daxiangguo temple history, this is Yufan comb, we can make a general understanding: it is the predecessor of the northern and Southern Dynasties to commemorate one of the four princes of the Warring States period and the construction of the temple of his. The Northern Qi Dynasty, the temple was burned by the flames of war. Tang Ruizong keiun two years, monk Huiyun wandering to bianzhou, Taiwan on the Bian River Fan overnight, the north shore of vision into the sky, until dawn into the city looking, which is the site of the temple. Then went around to raise funds in the reconstruction of the temple, but in engineering to the occasion, Tang Ruizong Xiazhao "where the temple ring amount, and to destroy withdrawal". At that time the emperor sent officials and supervision of temple, Vivien kneeling in Maitreya as the "tear incense", "after a short while, as the premiere of golden light, shining the sky" ("Vivien biography"). The school secretary Zou Wen Ruizong, Ruizong dreamed Maitreya Buddha himself, he was to reign, then in the first year of congenital Xiazhao continue to build this temple, the given name "daxiangguo Temple", as its king ascended the throne of the memorial, and also personally wrote the daxiangguo temple plaque. Daxiangguo temple since Tang Ruizong named after Xuanzong, suzong dynasties continue to expand, very magnificent. Known as the "Heaven On Earth, objects outside the home". Has a very high artistic value of its pavilions, statues, murals, a horizontal inscribed board called juepin. According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty daxiangguo temple with art "ten way", namely: Maitreya Tang Ruizong statue, topic volume, temperature image of the painting, craftsman king Wu Daozi’s portrait of Li Xiu, dedicated to Manjusri Weimo carved Buddha, built by Bian Sishun builders barrier on the line drawn by Baoyu stone pavilion, in addition to disaster, Zheng Zhong in the lane painting vaisravana, like monk Zhi Yan painted three times the causal diagram, the Lotus Sutra twenty humanitarian order;相关的主题文章: