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"China tourism development report (2016) released in November 12, 2016 -" tourism Sohu, China Tourism Research Institute released the "Chinese tourism development report in Beijing (2016)", relevant policies and regulations in recent years the development of scenic spots, scenic scenic environment, investment performance, consumer demand and service quality, scenic spot the systematic investigation and study, and analyzed the related cases in recent years is the emergence of new formats of scenic spots. Report on the 2015 scenic investment analysis. With the development of the tourism industry and improving the system of social capital, especially the role of investment will become more and more prominent and eventually leading private capital into the main scenic spots: investment, industry mergers and acquisitions enthusiasm, development trend, investment scale industry emerging industry in large surge now. According to Research Institute survey, the satisfaction of tourists consumption continued to improve the environment of the scenic spot at the same time, also put forward the new demand for leisure, vacation and special tourism more and more, leisure and tourism and the situation began to show. While the overall consumption growth, consumption structure has also undergone significant changes, accounting for 75% of the total number of tourists. The scenic area management performance and financial aspects, in 2015 China’s scenic business climate index reached 149.53, far higher than hotels, travel agencies and other industries, the number of reception, reservation index and wage levels higher value of the economy. Scenic confidence in the future value of 151.18, the highest level in the tourism industry, indicating that the prospects for the development of scenic enterprises. Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute pointed out that in recent years, the increase in China’s real estate industry, the main changes in the consumption structure and the participation of social capital, both show the opening of the development of the industry. In the class a scenic area outside the system, theme parks, resorts and a variety of non-traditional, creative attractions have achieved the same industry influence. The diversification of investment subjects, especially the innovation of theme parks represented by Disney, has brought unprecedented challenges to domestic enterprises. Dai Bin is still popular tourism and leisure of national basic needs at the same time in certain area, pointed out that the scenic area is facing the new needs of the majority of individual in the destination of the diversification of consumption and experience life etc.. Cultural and creative applications of science and technology and tourism, and scenic spots in the integration of innovation is still in the market into the period, there is a hard exploration and experience accumulation process.相关的主题文章: