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Don Gio Wade perception of the cultural changes of the year from the red War Comments on Sohu

Don Gio Wade: from the red war perception of folk culture change – Sohu comments "I haven’t see the show, has been down to grab a red envelope, now listen to you talk show ‘slot point’, I completely not knowing why it is so." In February 10th, the post-80s lady in Xi’an said, unfortunately, a long time ago, a family surrounded by television watching the Spring Festival Gala is the tradition of new year’s Eve, and now, red envelopes on the mobile phone gradually scattered everyone’s attention. The Spring Festival has become a festival for millions of people to bow their heads and leave their bodies alone. Mobile intelligent life changing impact spring festival, the festive way than in the past, has changed greatly. A new way to gradually replace the old way, the old custom is not immutable and frozen become more rich and diverse. In the Spring Festival of 2016, new year’s Eve "national grab red packets", so that the spring festival marked its own distinct. Online shopping, "reverse migration" special purchases for the Spring Festival spring, WeChat grab red, with his family to watch old movies…… Through the analysis of big data, it is not difficult to see that the custom in the era of change, continue to carry out the form of solidification, new customs are emerging. Only a short while ago, drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, exploring, and offering mammon, pay New Year’s call staying-up late on new year’s Eve, visiting the temple, Lantern Festival and other traditional festivals, whether in a ceremony or procedure, have already changed. Once people are tired of firecrackers, but also because of the enhancement of environmental awareness, but also gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Instead, during the Spring Festival, with the whole family, old and young away from the noise and annoyance, let the body, mind and spirit of nature and quiet, is already a new custom most city people new year "". The pursuit of peace of mind and rhythm more stable, more emphasis on individual freedom and diversification of forms, has become a new fashion festival. Nowadays young people are no longer bound by traditional human feelings and forms. They seem to be more open and free, and have more choices. No longer like the era of cultural poverty, watching TV before the Spring Festival, but can live alone in a room to read books, or invited 35 friends chat tea, and the ascendant in the students’ Union, comrades in arms and so on, but also added new content to the spring festival. Most of the time I spend my life with my family and friends. Based on the past form of material and spiritual culture of the poor, at present has achieved a complete deconstruction, such as couplets, or do a few meal at home, invited all the relatives and friends to come to dinner, or a day only eat leftovers, fifth garbage sent to poor, or based on these conditions can not be achieved based on the idea, or no longer stick, holiday as usual has no rules and taboos too much, only the same is home and relax the theme. If you compare the origin of the Spring Festival, it is not difficult to find that the form of the Spring Festival has been very different in the history of the wheel. Some people sigh in the new year scumble, did not have much meaning. Obviously, that’s based on the mind set and the stereotype. An era has the characteristics of an era, an era of an era of Spring Festival, mobile Internet and highly intelligent Spring Festival, before a lot of accompaniment music has become a theme song. Big data, the monkey spring festival period (New Year’s Eve to the Lunar New Year).

堂吉伟德:从红包大战感知年俗文化变迁-搜狐评论   “我就没看春晚,一直在低头抢红包,现在听大家议论春晚‘槽点’,我完全不知所以。”2月10日,西安80后牛女士有些遗憾地说,曾几何时,一家人围在电视前观看春晚是除夕夜的传统,而现在,在手机上抢发红包逐渐分散了大家的注意力。春节,已然成为“万人低头,机不离身”的节日。   移动改变生活,智能冲击春节,当前的过节方式较之于过去,已然发生了极大的变化。新的方式逐步取代了旧的方式,旧年俗已不再一成不变,变得更加丰富而多元。2016年春节,以除夕夜“全民抢红包”,让这个春节打上了自身鲜明的印记。网购年货、春运“逆向迁徙”、微信“抢红包”、家人同看老电影……透过大数据的分析,不难看出年俗在时代的变迁下,在不断地进行着形式的固化,新的年俗正在形成。   曾几何时,喝腊八粥、祭灶、守岁、拜年、祭财神、逛庙会、闹元宵等传统的过节形式,无论在仪式上还是在程序上,都已然发生了变化。一度被人乐此不疲的放鞭炮的行为,也因为环保意识的增强,也在逐步退出历史舞台。取而代之的是,春节期间,携一家老小远离喧嚣和烦扰,让身、心、灵回归自然与宁静,已然是多数都市人过年的“新习俗”。追求心灵的更加平静和节奏的更加平稳,更注重个体的自由度和形式的多元化,已然成为过节的新时尚。   现在的年轻人,已不再为传统的人情和形式所束缚,他们显得更加开放和自由,也具有更多的选择权。不必再像文化贫瘠的时代,守在电视前集体看春晚,而可以独居一室看看书,或者邀上三五友人聊天喝茶,而方兴未艾的同学会、战友会等,又给春节增添了新的内容。除了陪家人、朋友,大多数时间都是给自己的心灵放个假。过去基于物质和精神文化贫乏的形式设计,在当前已实现了完全性的解构,比如贴春联,或者在家中做上几桌饭菜,邀请所有的亲朋好友前来吃饭,或者初一只吃剩菜剩饭,正月初五倒垃圾送穷,这些或基于条件而无法实现,或者基于观念已不再坚守,过节跟平时一样已无太多的规矩与禁忌,唯有不变的是回家团聚和放松身心的主题。   如果对照春节的起源来看,不难发现春节的形式已在历史的车轮中迥然不同。有人感叹年味渐淡,过年已然没有了多少意义。很显然,那是基于思维固化、观念定势下的认知。一个时代有一个时代的特征,一个时代有一个时代的春节,移动互联和高度智能化下的春节,之前的很多伴奏曲已成为主题曲。大数据下,猴年春节期间(除夕到大年初五)微信红包总收发次数达321亿次,总计5.16亿人通过红包与亲朋好友分享节日欢乐,一批依托于新技术新平台的“二次元春晚”、“草根村晚”带来了新潮流。   文化部民族民间文艺发展中心主任李松认为,“对年味不足的抱怨,折射的是一种文化焦虑,是转型时期的文化纠结。”从农耕文明进入了工业文明,社会基础变了、文化生态变了,节日习俗随之变化则无可避免。因而,以新的眼光来看待和认识节日,才能用新理念服务新年俗,用新的智慧营造新的年俗。适应、接受和喜欢上新的年俗,才能让春节在与时俱进中,保持其文化内涵不变,才能让春节文化在传承中发扬光大。相关的主题文章:

Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products surface studio amazing machine

Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products Surface Studio machine amazing Sina digital news October 26th news, Microsoft held a new conference in New York, released its first one product – Surface Studio, to enhance the performance and endurance of New Surface Book and Microsoft i7 wearing 3D display. Windows 10 is a direction of 3D Windows 10 next spring free upgrade Microsoft executive vice president Meyerson first came to power, he announced that the next windows 10 update creator undate offers free upgrade next spring. And the main function is 3D, which also means that Windows 10 Creator update will be integrated into the depth of the 3D function. Specific performance in the same years, the "drawing" program launched a 3D version, and had a very western style name – Paint 3D, the camera and the matting can be achieved by 3D. Microsoft also hand in hand Trimble brings the 3D community APP SketchUp, users can share through mobile devices to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or public network. The $299 Microsoft 3D 3D head mounted display HMD Microsoft released a 3D beyond all expectations of the head mounted display, and in cooperation with HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, $299. In addition, HoloLens will be built in 3D browser, in the Windows environment to create a full range of virtual space, allowing you to explore and access to new places through Hololens, but also in the Windows 10 platform to run. Beam software with Windows live broadcast Microsoft will broadcast function under the Windows 10 version of the update in the Xbox One S built-in games, and PC through the "flow" will be implemented in the next Windows update 10. Future players in the game, you can directly through the Windows 10 kinds of Beam software for live. The past two years for all the hardware and software vendors have begun to support the live function, this is no exception to launch Microsoft Beam live software. Windows 10 kinds of Beam software is the acquisition of Microsoft’s live streaming platform Beam nested, through the Beam platform, you can play the game in the process of direct interaction with other players chat. And other games broadcast platform is slightly different, Windows Beam software can "intervention" live game player, Microsoft hopes to provide and create their own game and challenge the power of the game game player, the game can be customized to do. Windows 10 and Xbox update with Dolby ATMOS support, ATMOS is also a panoramic sound technology of Dolby, is considered to have its own surround sound, theater audio collar.相关的主题文章:

100 yuan refueling card is receiving! There is a hurry to see the person! running man20130526

100 yuan refueling card is receiving! There is a hurry to see the person! National Day benefits continue to go! 100 yuan drops taxi red envelopes are receiving, to have a share! National Day benefits continue to go! 100 yuan refueling coupons free collar! The most painful thing in life is that the price of oil has gone up again. Don’t be afraid of fear, 100 yuan coupons to refuel! Concerned about the public platform automotive WeChat, WeChat dialog box enter the fuel coupon to receive! Activity: 100 yuan drops of red envelopes free taxi! 100 yuan drops taxi red envelopes are receiving, to have a share! Tencent wish you to travel easily, but also do not hurry to receive! Concerned about Tencent automotive WeChat public platform, click on the menu eleven red – drip red to receive! [eleven more during the National Day activities, as in the WeChat automobile Tencent public No. 1 National scratch]! Million gift to grab non-stop! The National Day scratch, magnet mobile phone partner, car air purifier, tachograph, child safety seat, high performance car oil free! A shave, see you how! 2 yuan of illegal payment spree Mini car! Come quickly! 3 car to send Beijing welfare micro Tencent! Eleven enjoy during the 15% off refueling! 22 gas stations, covering the city of Beijing! 4 yuan 3D printing crystal car free! Angels come! 288 yuan 3D print crystal Cadillac models, and X7 models such as Landwind cars, go to! See you are not lucky enough! Concerned about the public platform automotive WeChat, WeChat dialog box enter the car to receive. [participation] 1, open the WeChat open the top right corner + Click to add friends, enter the Tencent car can be concerned about Tencent official micro signal. 2, concerned about the official micro signal Tencent car, the WeChat dialog box enter keywords or in the menu, the eleven red envelopes can get involved in all kinds of activities. 3, the article will be shared to WeChat circle of friends or sent to other friends, but also with a small partner with free experience oh! The final interpretation of the right to belong to the Tencent car相关的主题文章:

Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu truffe

Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu opened, China’s famous ancient capital of eight dynasties, has a very rich history and splendid culture, travel to the city, is actually a review history, culture and experience the trip up position. Can feel the culture of the ancient city Kaifeng Longting, Tianbo Yang Fu Yang Jiajiang can enjoy the martyrs’ culture, the city government can understand BaoQingTian integrity culture, while the daxiangguo temple can read the opening of the religious culture. Kaifeng daxiangguo temple is a famous Buddhist temple, the temple has been built in AD 555, has a history of 1450. Over the past one thousand years, the daxiangguo temple contains profound culture and many legendary stories, which had a royal temple of glory, also has a cultural Temple style, also have the prosperity of the temple town. In history, it is not only the Buddhist holy land, but also the court ceremony, a high officials and noble lords merchants gathered in the market place, and held the Lantern Festival, festivals and other cultural entertainment folk park. Daxiangguo temple is a story of the temple, in the "journey to the west", "outlaws of the marsh", "three", "Sui Ping Yao Zhuan" to explain many other novels, we can see a lot of daxiangguo temple is described, such as "Li Shimin pavilion built temple, weichijingde six hundred miles away in Tongguan build the gate", "Lu Zhishen pull down Chuiyangliu" and "daxiangguo Temple wells on the East China Sea", "Di Qing took refuge in the daxiangguo Temple" and other stories, although the art processing components, but the status of remarkable daxiangguo temple. Open the daxiangguo temple history, this is Yufan comb, we can make a general understanding: it is the predecessor of the northern and Southern Dynasties to commemorate one of the four princes of the Warring States period and the construction of the temple of his. The Northern Qi Dynasty, the temple was burned by the flames of war. Tang Ruizong keiun two years, monk Huiyun wandering to bianzhou, Taiwan on the Bian River Fan overnight, the north shore of vision into the sky, until dawn into the city looking, which is the site of the temple. Then went around to raise funds in the reconstruction of the temple, but in engineering to the occasion, Tang Ruizong Xiazhao "where the temple ring amount, and to destroy withdrawal". At that time the emperor sent officials and supervision of temple, Vivien kneeling in Maitreya as the "tear incense", "after a short while, as the premiere of golden light, shining the sky" ("Vivien biography"). The school secretary Zou Wen Ruizong, Ruizong dreamed Maitreya Buddha himself, he was to reign, then in the first year of congenital Xiazhao continue to build this temple, the given name "daxiangguo Temple", as its king ascended the throne of the memorial, and also personally wrote the daxiangguo temple plaque. Daxiangguo temple since Tang Ruizong named after Xuanzong, suzong dynasties continue to expand, very magnificent. Known as the "Heaven On Earth, objects outside the home". Has a very high artistic value of its pavilions, statues, murals, a horizontal inscribed board called juepin. According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty daxiangguo temple with art "ten way", namely: Maitreya Tang Ruizong statue, topic volume, temperature image of the painting, craftsman king Wu Daozi’s portrait of Li Xiu, dedicated to Manjusri Weimo carved Buddha, built by Bian Sishun builders barrier on the line drawn by Baoyu stone pavilion, in addition to disaster, Zheng Zhong in the lane painting vaisravana, like monk Zhi Yan painted three times the causal diagram, the Lotus Sutra twenty humanitarian order;相关的主题文章:

3 series of violent decline of A4L after the listing of the same price car Inventory (video) 72 thou kamikaze love

3 Department of Pujiang 72 thousand and 400 A4L after the listing of the new car inventory price lead: A4L market is not a small impact to the entry luxury car market, the rich sense of science and technology of the interior brighten. But because it is a new car, the price is difficult to get a discount, we can take a look at its competing product models market, eager to buy a car may wish to consider a friend. [] market Tencent ZhaoQing Railway Station before the station learned from the Zhaoqing Baoqing store, BMW 3 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car enough, the recent Car Buying privilege can be as high as 72 thousand and 400. Interested friends can go to shop consulting. Specific details please refer to the following table: BMW 3 Series car price guide price straight down inquiry 2017 318i fashion type 288 thousand 28 thousand and 800: 259 thousand and 200 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 328Li fashion type 430 thousand and 800 31 thousand: 399 thousand and 800 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320i M sports 320 thousand 32 thousand: 288 thousand cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li fashion type 325 thousand and 900 32 thousand and 600: 293 thousand and 300 2017 320Li xDrive vehicle sufficient inquiry fashion type 349 thousand and 900 35 thousand: 314 thousand and 900 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li M sports 353 thousand and 900 35 thousand and 400: 318 thousand and 500 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li Luxury Design Suite 379 thousand and 900 38 thousand: 341 thousand and 900 2016 328i M vehicle sufficient inquiry sports 452 thousand 72 thousand and 400: 379 thousand and 600 cars are plentiful inquiry promotion time: 2016.10.05-2016.10.12 tab view Tencent car price in > more information; > price column home page first exposure 2018 generation BMW 3 series, appearance performance really like parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption for their price: 190 thousand and 800 appearance: the new 3 series four new beautiful colors: white, chestnut brown, copper ore (Burgundy Red long wheelbase versions and exclusive) ESTO blue (M sport package, 3 series models exclusive) so far there are 10 kinds of body colors. At the same time, two new style wheels, and accordingly the size has been upgraded to 320i and 320Li models equipped with a 17 inches and above the wheels, while the 320i M Sport Kit models is equipped with 18 inch wheels, more highlights the sense of movement. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption: 190 thousand and 800 asking price power: the new 3 series with BMW Group advanced 2 liter TwinPower Turbo engine, with 8 speed tiptronic transmission in the formation of gold combination of power, power transmission, fuel consumption and emission performance is still in the market leading position. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. The price of the article for the editor in the first line of the real car market相关的主题文章:

Vanke acquisition of India to complete the acquisition of the joint venture acquisition platform hol cashmere mafia

Vanke acquired India joint acquisition platform to complete the delivery holds 96.55% equity capital flows thousands of thousands of hot column stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Securities Times News Network October 31st news (reporter Zhou Shaojie) the securities times original title India: Vanke acquisition to complete the delivery to build the retail commercial real estate leading enterprises in October 31st, Vanke A (000002) – and India Commercial Co. Ltd. jointly announced a joint trading platform in the acquisition of India and several partners. Vanke has successfully passed the national Ministry of Commerce review, and completed the delivery. So far, the joint acquisition platform holds 96.55% stake in india. The Blackstone Group Management of real estate funds in the transfer of most equity holdings, will remain a small part of the equity. According to reports, after the completion of the transaction, India officially became the Vanke Group member companies, Vanke and India will produce the synergy of resources, sharing of resources through exchange, enhance the bargaining power in businesses, rich target customers big data, accelerate the management of export business, optimize financial cost, expand the business collaboration space. Vanke will continue to support the city’s service providers to promote the positioning of the transition, India will continue to be committed to build China’s leading retail commercial real estate sector. As early as 2014, Vanke officially put forward the city supporting service providers ten years strategic transformation plan, in addition to the traditional residential business, increase the exploration and development of real estate industry, real estate and other new business experience of consumption. Vanke said: "India has been in retail commercial real estate for more than 13 years, has accumulated rich experience in management team and high-quality business resources, attracted a number of domestic and overseas business partners and work together, India will accelerate to Vanke shares" city supporting service providers’ transformation, promote products and services upgrade, create more stable long-term investment value for shareholders." Previously, China Vanke (02202.HK) in August 21st on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosure of the acquisition of the Blackstone Group under the name of commercial real estate company. According to the announcement, Vanke will be established by the investment fund, to 12 billion 870 million yuan acquisition of Blackstone Group under the name of the commercial real estate company India 96.55% stake in the group and MWREF company. The fund holds India Group and MWREF, the Blackstone Group associates by the management of the majority stake. It is understood that India (the original "SZITIC providers set) since its establishment in April 2003, has been focusing on the retail commercial real estate, met with WAL-MART, CapitaLand, Morgan Stanley, Caire and other business partners to achieve in-depth cooperation. Stone group in 2013 to manage the real estate fund based on the development of domestic commercial real estate market is optimistic about the choice of shares as a force in its domestic retail commercial real estate platform. In cooperation with Blackstone for nearly three years, India through the acquisition of independent development and assets, continue to promote the depth of regional expansion strategy, doing fine shopping center management. The Blackstone Group China president on real estate相关的主题文章:

Every ride facing torture and how can the friendly taxi – Sohu Technology

Every ride facing torture and how can the friendly taxi? Sohu technology drops in recently on the ride had a facelift, the new passenger used routes, passengers can choose active owners; owners can set up automatic orders, take the initiative to invite passengers ride, as well as the new owner of passengers mutual concern and other functions. Compared to the previous version, ride to the driver and passengers more choice, because the new version of the key steps in the increase of the confirmation function, compared to the previous "automatic counterparts" can be said to be a progress. The ride is the essence of carpool, many do not recognize out with drops, has become a habit for many people. By constantly burn the education market, every harvest a large number of users. From the car to the express train to ride even the bus, a unified travel arena by means. Now, after the express service drops gradually become a fixed pattern, drops began to ride. But regardless of price or revision, ride seems to have not been able to effectively persuade passengers, to convince the market. People on the ride price sensitivity seems to be even higher than the express, which is naturally because there are many "suspicious" ride ride is indeed faced with embarrassment. For example, a man in Zhuhai recently, in an interview with the way by touting allocation ride cost of oil, but was found in Zhuhai City Transportation Bureau, Mr. Yang has not obtained the operation license, therefore suspected of illegal operations, the man is faced with a fine of 10000 yuan, there are also many similar time. It said that although the society calls for the legalization of voice rising carpool, carpooling behavior in many places but is still illegal behavior, ride, obviously for the black car washed. For the drivers, carpool means is not for profit, but for the owners and passengers of both sides to save money. The operating mode of the carpool by making full use of idle resources, solve the difficult problem of the rush of vehicles and traffic congestion. For the ride, although buttoned up the "sharing economy" of the hat, is ultimately a carpool mode, but in the actual implementation process, the actual operating property paid ride than the carpool properties, and compared with the taxi ride, the price more cheap, so in many areas can not be recognized by the main or because of the threat to the taxi. Property ride too obviously paid against the intention to share the economic operation recently, many received to lift the main pieces of text messages, said the ride will increase earnings of 20%, it is from the starting price of the original 3 kilometers within 10 yuan, after 1.3 yuan per kilometer, adjusted to within 3 km 12 yuan, after each km 1.5 yuan. For the price adjustment, explained in terms of drops, the original intention of the price is to solve the cost of the owner. The past is ranging from 1-1.2 yuan per kilometer, the owner’s cost is not just the cost of oil (vehicle fuel consumption is not the same, is not the same), and expensive time cost (waiting for the detour, etc.). Many owners said cover is less than the cost, to give up the ride, so only this measure." The question arises, since the car right相关的主题文章:

Nitrogen acceleration is false! Ten big lie about racing game – Sohu carmex润唇膏

Nitrogen acceleration is false! Ten lie on the car racing game – Sohu as a game player, you will attract interest in the subject matter very much, FPS, RPG, FTG… Today we are accompanied by the roar of engines to look at the game is how to use a variety of "not true" to the performance of full agonistic activity and deadly beauty of this car. Developers of the game to make the game more interesting, will generally make the game less authentic, this is certainly a good thing, you don’t want to in the speed of 200Km s but because of Hurricane wiped a roadblock crash, that’s too mean. Friction count a bird! The friction of the problem but the enemies of the game developers. In real life, it may lead to spontaneous drift all dumbfounding, but in the game, it is just to let you in turn is not so easy. The friction force in the game and what will bring a fatal problem, when you drive back to wall the most vicious punishment but also allow you to slow down, but when you hold tightly when nitrogen accelerated, all friction seems to go. When hitting the opponent’s car, you don’t have to think about the wear of the car and the tyres. Of course, we loved more is the result after the tyre burst by the opponent game player after vehicle collision, and then you look at the scenery in front of the computer for six hours to reach the SWAT team’s spare tire. Even the SUV to 160Km h Biao after the hairpin game developers are in love can unlock the vehicle Riga so few cars SUV, they don’t seem to want to look more "slim" run over the entire game. In terms of gameplay, they did a good job. But why is it that you’ve never seen a SUV on TV? You’ll see. when you open a SUV, a big car this bloated even if you to 60Km when the speed of H corner, you can feel it will be turned upside down. In the game, even if you put 180 degrees in situ U-turn at a rate soared and then added to the handbrake, your car will still firmly stay on the ground. In the real world, you’d better not do not believe you went to see my video. It’s really cool to hit the opponent! We are playing a racing game, we are very clear that they play very bad, but this does not mean that we can not win, after all, there are so many sell Meng opponent. Half of my game strategy is to go to his X rankings! Take this for XX over again! My success, I can drive my car to the end point line leisurely. In this "burnout" and "need for speed" repeatedly in the cool, but in the "GT car" did not use what you know. Maybe you can smash them, but you will receive the same punishment, where there is a "need for speed" in the Kela gold possessed car playing so cool. The car should be able to fly this week I play "need for speed 17" fast play spit, and "burnout: Paradise", this game is trying to convey an important signal of the physics game player is: "what is the gravity? Sure。相关的主题文章:

2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye wetnwild

2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye Hongkong electronics products exhibition organized by the Hongkong Trade Development Council, has been held 35 sessions, is the world’s largest electronics exhibition. 2015 Hongkong Electronics Fair 3575 companies from 25 countries and regions participating, the total number of visits to 66204 people, mainly from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East market. As the mainland’s largest electronics show in Hongkong Chinese level agents, Hongkong electronics products exhibition is the world’s largest electronics exhibition, growing scale, gathering a total of 3436 from 30 countries and regions participating enterprises, including new Denmark, Portugal and Sweden exhibitors, refresh the record. Mainland China’s Fujian province and Jiangmen, as well as Taiwan and Han Guojun organized the exhibition hall, the peak lineup. The 4 day exhibition attracted more than 68000 buyers to visit, of which more than 44000 buyers from the field. The ten buyers are mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Germany and India. Imagine the endless, infinite wisdom, intelligent progress of human society, always in the future infinite forecast outline to become a reality, in the field of intelligent vehicle navigation, the charm of the tachograph since the brand since the date of birth to the future traffic imagination into intelligent reality within reach, vowed to drive the development of intelligent vehicle industry. The charm of the aircraft carrying its products unveiled Hongkong electronics products exhibition, the effect is striking.   m an interactive network Limited is the integration and development of the network technology company has been committed to intelligent hardware, and continuously from the development process more consideration of consumer preferences, in this exhibition, airlines also bring a variety of charm for the next line of the goods, provide more systematic and rich product chain for the majority the dealer. Guests can not only experience the upcoming mass production of mysterious new products, will also see MD2 upgraded version of MD2Pro, with 1440p+ after pulling the camera, as well as ME1 MD2 MC6, etc.. As a leader in the automotive industry, since the air traffic recorder charm city with "intelligent sharing + Voice gesture pictures + driving notes" to attract the majority of consumers to distinguish the traditional core selling point driving record, and successfully combined 360, Meizu, Shenzhen traffic police, SAIC and other companies to launch new products.相关的主题文章:

Peter Ho was newly married shaved head one face grievance called blue thin letinous edodes –

Peter Ho was married wife shaved head   a face of injustice called "thin blue letinous edodes" – Beijing Channel – original title: Peter Ho was a newlywed wife shaved face grievance "thin blue letinous edodes" photograph: Peter Ho micro-blog screenshot in new network on 13 October, according to the Taiwan news, "Dong Senxin heard" Peter Ho in September 1st just married Peggy door, married less than 2 months, he play it immediately become bald, his wife personally battle the knife, he joked, idol burden is very heavy, a face of injustice to the camera said "could be seen near the eyes of tears," he jokes on his wife said "you just got married, I will you want to become a monk", also said that "only to design a new hairstyle? The most basic trust between husband and wife? Blue, thin, letinous edodes." Wife also responded by saying "Hello sir, not resigned to playing second fiddle." Peter Ho to play "that bloom on a perfect circle", the bald appearance appeared, this movie is he in 2003 following the "jade goddess of mercy", and Sun Li two degrees of cooperation, coupled with the introduction of small black, after a lapse of 13 years, the "iron triangle" fit, "he said at the scene to see just the moment Sun Li. Feel as if through the same, so many years, she (Sun Li) really did not change." It is reported that his character set is the perfect super warm male, super expect Biao play the same stage. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章:

Shanghai share refrigerator running in January donated food safety supervision to be cited (video) 2828创业网

Shanghai share refrigerator running in January donated food safety supervision to be cited in September 28th, Shanghai’s first "share the refrigerator" appeared in the doorway of a hotel near Xikang Lu Changshou Road; in October 9th, Shanghai Putuo District longevity street in puxiong Xinyuan District Elderly activity room placed "share refrigerator". Since the end of September, the birth of a month "share refrigerator" sustained social concern. Surging news (reporter) recently continued to follow the sharing of refrigerators in Shanghai pilot and development. In October 24th, the reporter again visited the establishment of "two pilot units share the refrigerator", found the project to form a virtuous cycle: now to receive food declined, even food surplus situation; on the other hand, the project caused the whole society of "love", many units and individuals to the two the proposed donation unit. And in the last month of the pilot, there have been some new problems, such as how to control the types of donated food, food safety issues, such as how to monitor. For food "heat" cooling, donation increased at 11:30 on October 24th, Xikang Road Changshou Road the hotel at the entrance of the "shared Fridge" attracted many passers-by, but not many people actually receive food. From the same day at 11 noon in the refrigerator full of food, half an hour later, there are still more than 20 copies, most of which are small packaging moon cake. And half a month ago, the reporter came to this interview, food for half an hour or so was taken out. At the same time, running half a month later, Putuo District longevity street puxiong Xinyuan District Elderly activity room set up "share the refrigerator" also "cool", according to the residential neighborhood Secretary Zhang Jing introduced, at present, to receive fewer people, sometimes there is a surplus of food, every day. The community volunteer inventory and registration before the validity period the food will be placed into the next day. The restaurant owner Mr. Yang said that the operation of the past 1 months, has not seen within half an hour of food "looting empty", also see "a man with more than one", even if some people have to take the will, will also consult the clerk, the clerk of the meaning of a project or, by discouraging, everyone will understand that. For earlier media and social question on "sound sharing refrigerator", Mr Yang said, "at first, even my family do not understand, that is in the name of charity will be approaching the shelf life of food donations, but I told them near the shelf life is not expired food, can not be wasted, they slowly come to accept the idea the." Let Mr. Yang was surprised and touched by the sharing of the refrigerator is more and more to attract the community caring people and businesses to donate food. This is two days to donate food especially, yesterday (23 days) have a travel to Shanghai Shenyang boys night after seeing reports came here, in the vicinity of the hotel to buy 20 copies and more than and 20 copies of Fried rice with egg bread to the store, share to the needy. There are people not only brought the food, also sent hand sanitizer, knives, chopping boards, chopsticks, some customers in more than 2 points to pay after the meal, let the clerk pack in the fridge, offered to share with others, others to the store of this project is still in need of help……" 12:15, the same day.相关的主题文章:

Good things close Rainie Yang and mother of both sides of tour of Taiwan reshacker

Good things close? Rainie Yang Li Ronghao both mother tour of Taiwan Li Ronghao’s mother and Rainie Yang’s mother holding hands appeared in Taiwan Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on September 15th that Rainie Yang [micro-blog] and the mainland singer Li Ronghao contacts 1 and a half years, was captured in Tokyo last month after shopping, was photographed with her mother to Beijing to see Li Ronghao parents, emotional stability. Recently the old media watch both the mother with the pit advance over the Mid Autumn Festival, Yang mother daughter instead of as two star mother intimate hospitality of a host, let the children go to the date, the warm Yang Ma Li Ma with interaction, walked out of a restaurant as well as sisters in chat, both parents have obvious identity two feelings, it seems not far from good. This month 11 days at 6 in the afternoon, the media first saw Rainie Yang from the car out of place, then leave the reporters in the pit by Yang Ma as a pedestrian street, beside her with 1 black woman, look carefully, is found in Beijing before being photographed and exposure of the mother Li Ronghao, but not see Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao figure, a line of 5 people came into the pit of a restaurant. The Yang Ma Li Ma and sit together, laughing and talking, meals out of the restaurant, Yang Ma Li Ma walk in front, because the narrow aisle, Yang Ma Li Ma have no concern from time to time to keep up with. Then by Yang Ma with all the shopping streets, near Yang Ma headed back to the tree, please Mama Li to sit and rest, to the car, Yang Ma Li Ma’s hand tightly holding, intimacy as sisterhood. On the afternoon of 12, previously carrying Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao 2 people to dinner the mother nanny car out again Yang, went straight to the Xiangshan MRT station entrance stop, saw Yang mother told Mama Li to get off, braved the rain into the MRT station for 2 days, Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao didn’t appear, should enjoy 2 of the world. The day before the end of Rainie Yang to Truva Teppanyaki shop "," lunch, 1 hours after a nanny car to radio run off when she notices, found with the film, deliberately walked door. Rainie Yang yesterday attended the maintenance brand specialist endorsement activities, was asked about the skin after her contact with Li Ronghao became shiny, but also her credit? She is shy for mercy: "such a specialist can also brought to him!" Immediately red face can not say a word, and finally admitted: he has a specialist in the moisturizing spray! (brand) send him a few more cans." According to a close friend revealed, Lee mother lives in Beijing last month, Rainie Yang was photographed with her mother to Beijing to play, from the Lee family entertainment, the Li Malai Taiwan, Yang mother for her daughter for as much as two of the mothers also hospitality of a host, very thoughtful, let alone the date. Warm for both parents to discuss whether the interaction of marriage? Rainie Yang only through brokerage firms responded: I wish you a happy mid autumn festival!" The end of last month Rainie Yang commercial speech in Beijing after a few days stay with Li Ronghao appointment at the local, two people wearing a hat wearing masks still conceal star flavor, is taken by the media, but the accident is Rainie Yang mother and relatives had the original counterparts, have come to dinner with the husband’s parents, its meaning is self-evident. But Rainie Yang stressed that at this stage is still work as a priority, if the future really want to marry will be generous recognition. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: