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IPhone 6SE missed the first domestic iPhone but there are still 7 Tencent (blue) digital news had spread rumors of this year’s new iPhone will be named iPhone 6SE, and the network also exposed the so-called spy box. And now, another netizen in Post Bar broke the news that iPhone 6SE will debut in China, and this year there will be 7 iPhone and 7 iPhone Plus launched, but will be equipped with dual cameras, but the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed. Although the domestic first missed the past there have been rumors of this year’s iPhone will debut in the name of iPhone 7, but when released in nearby but suddenly came the news of 6SE iPhone will be launched, and even packaging as being exposed, seemingly is decided. And now, there are friends in the post broke the news that, in fact, iPhone iPhone 6S change, there will be four color, and Apple will launch this year, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but are equipped with dual cameras. In other words, iPhone 6SE will be one of the new models of Apple launched this year, there may be iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus 7 stage together. At the same time according to the online version, iPhone 6SE 16GB is started and will provide 64GB capacity, 128GB capacity version selection, appearance and iPhone and the machine 7 is not the same, but unfortunately, the machine is not in the domestic market first, but iPhone 7 will be the first listing. Although the above has not been confirmed by the use of ceramic body, but the iPhone 7 and iPhone7Plus will be equipped with dual camera argument, in the past there have been friends in July leaked a similar message. At that time, the argument is that the iPhone 7 series may be the use of ceramic body shell, not only lighter and more beautiful, especially the new bright black style is so. As for the configuration is really starting from the 32GB capacity, and iPhone 7 for 32GB 64GB 128GB, while iPhone 7 Plus is 32GB 64GB 256GB. At the same time, the user also confirmed that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are dual cameras, canceled the headset interface, and the Home button can not be pressed, hidden in the screen under the glass, the sensor can identify fingerprints. In addition, for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with dual cameras that not long ago some netizens also disclosed a similar message, claiming that this year’s iPhone single camera version has been cut apple in two months ago, and now Zhengzhou (Foxconn) in another piece do not know dual cameras, but should be double version of the camera. Support wireless charging is worth mentioning that, perhaps due to changes in the body material, iPhone 7 will have wireless相关的主题文章: