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Japan’s economic delegation held a reception dinner – China Network

Japan’s economic delegation held a dinner – News Agency of the new network in Beijing in September 22, (Sha Hanting) in the history of the largest economic association joint visit day group on the evening of 22 held at the Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong banquet. The Japanese economic circle of China has been the forty-second since 1975, including many well-known enterprises in Japan, the leadership and executives, the total number reached more than 230 people. Muneoka Shoji, President of the Japan China Economic Association, said in his speech, the delegation on behalf of the Japanese economy as a whole". At the same time, he said, sent a delegation of such a scale also showed Japan’s concern and attention to China’s economy. "China’s economy has a huge impact on the Japanese economy and the world economy. The Japanese side is very concerned about China’s economic structural reforms aimed at expanding domestic demand, "said Muneoka Shoji. He also said in 21 held on "Japan entrepreneurs dialogue", both entrepreneurs on economic relations, enterprise innovation and enterprise strategic management issues in exchange, it is important to promote the understanding and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries in japan. The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, as a senior adviser to the delegation of Mr. Mimura Akio also give to "Japan entrepreneurs dialogue" high evaluation. He said in his speech, China’s young entrepreneurs for business enthusiasm impressed him deeply. He hoped that more exchanges in the future can be launched between the two entrepreneurs. Lu Pengqi, vice chairman of China Council for the promotion of international trade in his speech expressed the expectations of the Chinese and Japanese business community. He hoped that the business sector of the two countries can put their eyes on the long-term, through strengthening economic and trade cooperation, and make greater contributions to the improvement and development of Sino Japanese relations. "Sino Japanese economic and trade cooperation development to today’s level is the joint efforts of the two peoples, not easily won, you need to cherish," Lu Pengqi said, "only the long-term healthy and stable development of Sino Japanese relations, to bring benefits to the people of the two countries, to jointly maintain peace and stability in East asia." The delegation of the Japanese economy in the past two days and problems in the development of bilateral economic China national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce official discussions and exchange. (end)相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping’s time in Phnom Penh (Photos) douke

Xi Jinping’s time in Phnom Penh (Photos) original title: President Xi Phnom Penh time Beijing 14 October October, Phnom Penh, rain to come. But the 13 day, sunny day Yang, blue sky white clouds lay out. ? the sun, bright and Cambodia flag in Phnom Penh, the huge portrait of President China high streets and back lanes, Xi Jinping and King Sihamoni of Kampuchea stands outside the Palace Square, beneath the portrait of "Cambodia friendship evergreen" slogan. ? at noon, tens of thousands of people took to the streets, or hand-held Cambodia leaders or portraits, waving national flags and flowers, a warm welcome to President Xi Jinping on a state visit to Kampuchea. Xi Jinping arrived in Phnom Penh International Airport by special plane and began a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huanchi photo) Kampuchea Sihanouk once said: "the long-term friendship between Cambodia firmly, like a never withering flowers, always open in the sunny sky." Now, this one in Cambodia friendship Chinese because of the arrival of guests, more bright and colorful. [love]? Really? Arrived in Phnom Penh before President Xi in the local mainstream newspaper "Kampuchea" published a signed article, with "good friend" fellowlike in perfect sympathy with each other "good neighbor" to describe the Sino Cambodian friendship. So the expression of emotional spillover in China’s diplomatic language is rare. The chairman of the special friendship? Study deep between China and Cambodia just arrived the airport will be blowing. 24 Kampuchea military in both sides of the red carpet, White Helmets and blue uniforms, very solemn. A state visit to foreign leaders, Cambodia to 12 Eli soldiers greeted the "double" courtesy, behind China Cambodia relations of profound friendship. Xi Jinping attended a grand welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Sihamoni. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Dawei photo) to express a warm welcome to President Xi, in addition to Kampuchea Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Prince Gonsano palace, King Sihamoni sent two important members of the royal family, Prince Shakappa and princess Allen went to the airport to meet. The children of Kampuchea to the President Xi with fragrant jasmine bracelet. From the airport to the palace of Phnom penh. White jasmine petals on the Golden Palace Square before the house of red carpet. In the President Xi Xi Xi parking place to meet, two old friends together to review the table. The dove fly in the palace between Jinding cornices, leading to the palace on the lion gongs ringing in the ears. Xi Jinping attended a grand welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Sihamoni. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ye photo) the biggest feature of Sino Cambodian relations, is a traditional friendship. On 1955, Premier Zhou Enlai and Sihanouk met at the Bandung Conference, opened a new chapter in Cambodia friendship. 60 years ago, bilateral friendship for generations. ? September 2014, President Xi met with Sihamoni king and queen Monile Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, said a particularly warm, "Beijing is your home, welcome you often go home"; in June this year, the President Xi in the Great Hall of the people with king Sihamoni Sh held talks, said, "I hope the leaders of the two countries continue to like relatives frequently". ? someone will Cambodia friendship than)相关的主题文章:

4 year old child! Nap did not wake up, this mistake many parents have committed! Sohu – candy boy

4 year old child! Nap did not wake up, this mistake many parents have committed! – Sohu, a boy and a girl, died in May, a 4 – year-old boy suddenly stopped breathing when he was taking a nap. According to the autopsy report showed that the child’s death is death due to aspiration of gastric contents of asphyxia, identification analysis shows that the boy had bilateral suppurative tonsillitis. A sore throat + after a meal nap = cause suffocation? If the child has suppurative tonsillitis, will easily cause blockage of the throat, resulting in smaller channel narrow space is reduced, vomit if older would be stuck in his throat, causing the child choking. So for the safety of children, parents let children eat milk, eat half an hour before sleep, especially baby milk, remember burping. Children sleep, parents must know 7 things 1 quilts should not be too thick for the child to cover too thick quilt may cause the baby to breathe. And the quilt is too high temperature will make the child irritable sleep quality. 2 not containing a tit or pacifier sleep. In this way, children often wake up after theyunconsciously or pacifier sucking sucking nipples. This excessive eating habits, easy to make the child’s gastrointestinal dysfunction. Secondly, the child is still a small mouth after the nipple nipple blocking, but also easy to breathe, resulting in decreased sleep quality, and may even lead to suffocation. In addition, this bad habit may also affect the normal development of children gums and oral hygiene. The 3 day not sleeping too long if the baby slept too much at night, easily upset, want to know how the life of the money, add master WeChat: ifs126, free of charge to your fortune! The day parents can consciously wake the children, to overcome "the upside by adjusting". 4 not to sleep too late according to statistics, China’s 0~2 years old infants sleep an average of 1 hours less than American children the same age, one of the main reasons is that the child’s parents like "night life" and generally sleep late, the children which have a corresponding shortened nightsleep time. 5 should not be dependent on "shake sleep" excessively violent shaking motion will cause the baby brain in the cranial cavity subjected to continuous vibration, it may affect the brain growth, while the immature brain and hard skull collided, resulting in intracranial hemorrhage, which for a period of 10 months of children are particularly dangerous. 6 is not suitable for the child to sleep around the child is not breathing enough fresh air, inhaled more of the gas exhaled by the mother, the child’s growth and health are very unfavorable. In addition, holding the child to sleep will make it free space is limited, and even difficult to stretch the limbs, so that the child’s blood circulation and growth are adversely affected. 7 not light sleep if nocturnal sleep environment as the day, the child’s biological clock will be disrupted, not only shorten the sleep time, growth hormone secretion may also be subject to interference, resulting in children is long is not high. )相关的主题文章:

Beijing New Year’s day implementation of the sixth phase of vehicle fuel standards

Beijing New Year’s day in the sixth stage of the implementation of vehicle fuel standards today, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau informed, in order to further strengthen the control of vehicle emission pollution, improve air quality, "according to the Beijing 2013-2017 clean air action plan", "Beijing Tianjin Hebei air pollution prevention and control measures to strengthen (2016-2017)" requirement, Beijing will be held on January 1, 2017 the sixth stage of the implementation of vehicle fuel standards. In order to ensure the safety and replacement quality, "Beijing six" vehicle oil standard implementation process, the implementation of natural replacement. Replacement period from January 1, 2017 to February 28, 2017. Replacement after the end of March 1, 2017, the business sector will be in accordance with relevant regulations and new standards to increase circulation of finished oil product quality checks the detection frequency, strengthen the supervision of vehicle fuel quality, no production, import and sales do not meet the new standards for vehicle fuel. At present, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing has reached 5 million 650 thousand, emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, respectively, accounted for the total emissions of pollutants such as the city’s total of 86%, 56%, 32%. Vehicle emission pollution is the largest source of local PM2.5 in Beijing. The improvement of vehicle fuel quality is one of the important measures to reduce vehicle emissions. Beijing in 2004, in 2005, in 2008, in the country took the lead in the implementation of the second, three or four and five stages of local oil standards in the year of 2012. Compared to Beijing five oil, Beijing six oil fortunately? Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official said, Beijing sixth stage "gasoline", "Diesel" two local standards with reference to the world’s most stringent vehicle fuel standards, sulfur content remains unchanged, further tightening in gasoline olefins, aromatics, benzene, vapor pressure, distillation and in diesel PAHs, density, flash point, detergent and other major environmental protection index. That Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center test, using sixth stage oil, gasoline in particulate emissions fell by 10%, non methane organic gas and nitrogen oxides in general can reach 8-12% emission reduction rate; in diesel particulate nitrogen oxides decreased 4.6%, down 9.1%, total hydrocarbons decreased by 8.3%, carbon monoxide fall 2.2%.相关的主题文章:

The woman was fellow send pornographic provocative information harassment husband stabbing

The woman was fellow send pornographic provocative information harassment husband stabbing the original title: Dingyuan: his wife was harassing stabbing man fled home was arrested according to China police reports, November 9th, Dingyuan County Public Security Bureau police station at dawn fugitives in combing the local information, learned online fugitives Wang has returned to the home. At noon that day, the police arrested him in a relative of wang. In October this year, Jiangsu province in Changshou City a garment factory workers in Dingyuan Man Wang evening after work, listen to the wife complained that the same factory mechanic fellow Zhang recently often sent her porn, flirt with WeChat, also to the workshop to harass her. Wang after listen to great anger, chaoshou from rental with a kitchen knife to Zhang rushed to the room to lie in bed Zhang is a strike, after being pulled to the wife. In the face of their own cut Zhang, Wang also panic God, after a hurry to call 120, with his wife fled the night. After the incident, the forensic identification, Zhang and his left arm was chopped back to a minor two, Wang Changshu police online pursuit. Currently, Wang has been transferred to the Dingyuan police back to Changshu police. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products surface studio amazing machine

Microsoft breath released a variety of hardware products Surface Studio machine amazing Sina digital news October 26th news, Microsoft held a new conference in New York, released its first one product – Surface Studio, to enhance the performance and endurance of New Surface Book and Microsoft i7 wearing 3D display. Windows 10 is a direction of 3D Windows 10 next spring free upgrade Microsoft executive vice president Meyerson first came to power, he announced that the next windows 10 update creator undate offers free upgrade next spring. And the main function is 3D, which also means that Windows 10 Creator update will be integrated into the depth of the 3D function. Specific performance in the same years, the "drawing" program launched a 3D version, and had a very western style name – Paint 3D, the camera and the matting can be achieved by 3D. Microsoft also hand in hand Trimble brings the 3D community APP SketchUp, users can share through mobile devices to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or public network. The $299 Microsoft 3D 3D head mounted display HMD Microsoft released a 3D beyond all expectations of the head mounted display, and in cooperation with HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, $299. In addition, HoloLens will be built in 3D browser, in the Windows environment to create a full range of virtual space, allowing you to explore and access to new places through Hololens, but also in the Windows 10 platform to run. Beam software with Windows live broadcast Microsoft will broadcast function under the Windows 10 version of the update in the Xbox One S built-in games, and PC through the "flow" will be implemented in the next Windows update 10. Future players in the game, you can directly through the Windows 10 kinds of Beam software for live. The past two years for all the hardware and software vendors have begun to support the live function, this is no exception to launch Microsoft Beam live software. Windows 10 kinds of Beam software is the acquisition of Microsoft’s live streaming platform Beam nested, through the Beam platform, you can play the game in the process of direct interaction with other players chat. And other games broadcast platform is slightly different, Windows Beam software can "intervention" live game player, Microsoft hopes to provide and create their own game and challenge the power of the game game player, the game can be customized to do. Windows 10 and Xbox update with Dolby ATMOS support, ATMOS is also a panoramic sound technology of Dolby, is considered to have its own surround sound, theater audio collar.相关的主题文章:

100 yuan refueling card is receiving! There is a hurry to see the person! running man20130526

100 yuan refueling card is receiving! There is a hurry to see the person! National Day benefits continue to go! 100 yuan drops taxi red envelopes are receiving, to have a share! National Day benefits continue to go! 100 yuan refueling coupons free collar! The most painful thing in life is that the price of oil has gone up again. Don’t be afraid of fear, 100 yuan coupons to refuel! Concerned about the public platform automotive WeChat, WeChat dialog box enter the fuel coupon to receive! Activity: 100 yuan drops of red envelopes free taxi! 100 yuan drops taxi red envelopes are receiving, to have a share! Tencent wish you to travel easily, but also do not hurry to receive! Concerned about Tencent automotive WeChat public platform, click on the menu eleven red – drip red to receive! [eleven more during the National Day activities, as in the WeChat automobile Tencent public No. 1 National scratch]! Million gift to grab non-stop! The National Day scratch, magnet mobile phone partner, car air purifier, tachograph, child safety seat, high performance car oil free! A shave, see you how! 2 yuan of illegal payment spree Mini car! Come quickly! 3 car to send Beijing welfare micro Tencent! Eleven enjoy during the 15% off refueling! 22 gas stations, covering the city of Beijing! 4 yuan 3D printing crystal car free! Angels come! 288 yuan 3D print crystal Cadillac models, and X7 models such as Landwind cars, go to! See you are not lucky enough! Concerned about the public platform automotive WeChat, WeChat dialog box enter the car to receive. [participation] 1, open the WeChat open the top right corner + Click to add friends, enter the Tencent car can be concerned about Tencent official micro signal. 2, concerned about the official micro signal Tencent car, the WeChat dialog box enter keywords or in the menu, the eleven red envelopes can get involved in all kinds of activities. 3, the article will be shared to WeChat circle of friends or sent to other friends, but also with a small partner with free experience oh! The final interpretation of the right to belong to the Tencent car相关的主题文章:

Around the city of Victoria ecological health plate 115 Ping 3 enjoy a discount of 120 thousand to r avbox

The city of Victoria’s ecological health plate 115 flat 3 dwell in 120 thousand against 150 thousand discount [Abstract] people on the ecological environment of modern residential area has made new demands, natural and beautiful natural environment, gentle and harmonious communication space, strong cultural characteristics, ecological residential comfortable living environment more and more to win the favor of buyers. Fengtai Heng Yi Fu Financial Street Park (real estate information) 88 square meters, 115 square meters, 129 square meters Sanju real estate Tencent hardcover hearing days Heng Financial Street Yi Fu Park project is located in Beijing city south city of Victoria Bridge 3500 meters west of the public. Fourth sales leader, 88-132 m (face) hardcover new luxury mansion with push. Heng Yi Fu Financial Street park two new products are hot line card, the new 88 square meters, 115 square meters, 129 square meters hardcover price 65000 yuan square meters Sanju. Row card that is 120 thousand to enjoy the electricity supplier discount of 150 thousand. Detailed inquiry phone 400-819-1111 turn 610307. Tencent Beijing Fengtai real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. Financial Street Yi Fu Heng 154721065 park to see the details of residential real estate developers improve brand Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 610307 Heng Financial Street Park Yi Fu Heng group and Financial Street holdings of our common development and construction, with a total land area of 99 thousand and 600 square meters, total construction area of 286 thousand and 500 square meters, the volume of 2.5, greening rate of 30%. "" "" "click to view the Financial Street Heng Yi Fu Park comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] people put forward new requirements for the ecological environment of modern residential area, natural and beautiful natural environment, gentle and harmonious communication space, strong cultural characteristics, ecological residential comfortable living environment more and more to win the favor of buyers. Haidian Beijing Investment Development · Kun Yufu (real estate information) apartment layout area is 156-205 level three to five in the real estate development investment Tencent news Beijing · Kun Yufu project is located in the South and delicate road landianchang the northwest corner of the intersection, Metro Line 6 and line 10 transfer station cishou temple station. The development of · Kun Yufu No. 18 in the sale of a total of 18, 4 units, 2 ladder 2, apartment layout area is 156-205 level three to five ranks (apartment layout can refer to K and L M, apartment layout apartment layout apartment layout), the average price of 105000 yuan square meters, fine decoration, hardcover standard for 8000 yuan square meters, the project property for 70 years, before the December 31, 2018 launch, property fee is 4.8 yuan per square metre * month, the volume rate of 1.58, greening rate of 60%. Tencent Beijing Haidian real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721064 the development of · Kun Yufu view details of the average price of 105000 yuan square meters of residential real estate education to improve library | the latest 400-819-1111 610051 Kun Yufu occupy the heart of the city is extremely scarce land resources. At the same time, Linglong park adjacent to the pool can not be replicated in natural resources, and the surrounding high-grade community surrounded by self.相关的主题文章:

Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu truffe

Daxiangguo temple, glory and Legend – Millennium royal temple tourism Sohu opened, China’s famous ancient capital of eight dynasties, has a very rich history and splendid culture, travel to the city, is actually a review history, culture and experience the trip up position. Can feel the culture of the ancient city Kaifeng Longting, Tianbo Yang Fu Yang Jiajiang can enjoy the martyrs’ culture, the city government can understand BaoQingTian integrity culture, while the daxiangguo temple can read the opening of the religious culture. Kaifeng daxiangguo temple is a famous Buddhist temple, the temple has been built in AD 555, has a history of 1450. Over the past one thousand years, the daxiangguo temple contains profound culture and many legendary stories, which had a royal temple of glory, also has a cultural Temple style, also have the prosperity of the temple town. In history, it is not only the Buddhist holy land, but also the court ceremony, a high officials and noble lords merchants gathered in the market place, and held the Lantern Festival, festivals and other cultural entertainment folk park. Daxiangguo temple is a story of the temple, in the "journey to the west", "outlaws of the marsh", "three", "Sui Ping Yao Zhuan" to explain many other novels, we can see a lot of daxiangguo temple is described, such as "Li Shimin pavilion built temple, weichijingde six hundred miles away in Tongguan build the gate", "Lu Zhishen pull down Chuiyangliu" and "daxiangguo Temple wells on the East China Sea", "Di Qing took refuge in the daxiangguo Temple" and other stories, although the art processing components, but the status of remarkable daxiangguo temple. Open the daxiangguo temple history, this is Yufan comb, we can make a general understanding: it is the predecessor of the northern and Southern Dynasties to commemorate one of the four princes of the Warring States period and the construction of the temple of his. The Northern Qi Dynasty, the temple was burned by the flames of war. Tang Ruizong keiun two years, monk Huiyun wandering to bianzhou, Taiwan on the Bian River Fan overnight, the north shore of vision into the sky, until dawn into the city looking, which is the site of the temple. Then went around to raise funds in the reconstruction of the temple, but in engineering to the occasion, Tang Ruizong Xiazhao "where the temple ring amount, and to destroy withdrawal". At that time the emperor sent officials and supervision of temple, Vivien kneeling in Maitreya as the "tear incense", "after a short while, as the premiere of golden light, shining the sky" ("Vivien biography"). The school secretary Zou Wen Ruizong, Ruizong dreamed Maitreya Buddha himself, he was to reign, then in the first year of congenital Xiazhao continue to build this temple, the given name "daxiangguo Temple", as its king ascended the throne of the memorial, and also personally wrote the daxiangguo temple plaque. Daxiangguo temple since Tang Ruizong named after Xuanzong, suzong dynasties continue to expand, very magnificent. Known as the "Heaven On Earth, objects outside the home". Has a very high artistic value of its pavilions, statues, murals, a horizontal inscribed board called juepin. According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty daxiangguo temple with art "ten way", namely: Maitreya Tang Ruizong statue, topic volume, temperature image of the painting, craftsman king Wu Daozi’s portrait of Li Xiu, dedicated to Manjusri Weimo carved Buddha, built by Bian Sishun builders barrier on the line drawn by Baoyu stone pavilion, in addition to disaster, Zheng Zhong in the lane painting vaisravana, like monk Zhi Yan painted three times the causal diagram, the Lotus Sutra twenty humanitarian order;相关的主题文章:

3 series of violent decline of A4L after the listing of the same price car Inventory (video) 72 thou kamikaze love

3 Department of Pujiang 72 thousand and 400 A4L after the listing of the new car inventory price lead: A4L market is not a small impact to the entry luxury car market, the rich sense of science and technology of the interior brighten. But because it is a new car, the price is difficult to get a discount, we can take a look at its competing product models market, eager to buy a car may wish to consider a friend. [] market Tencent ZhaoQing Railway Station before the station learned from the Zhaoqing Baoqing store, BMW 3 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car enough, the recent Car Buying privilege can be as high as 72 thousand and 400. Interested friends can go to shop consulting. Specific details please refer to the following table: BMW 3 Series car price guide price straight down inquiry 2017 318i fashion type 288 thousand 28 thousand and 800: 259 thousand and 200 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 328Li fashion type 430 thousand and 800 31 thousand: 399 thousand and 800 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320i M sports 320 thousand 32 thousand: 288 thousand cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li fashion type 325 thousand and 900 32 thousand and 600: 293 thousand and 300 2017 320Li xDrive vehicle sufficient inquiry fashion type 349 thousand and 900 35 thousand: 314 thousand and 900 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li M sports 353 thousand and 900 35 thousand and 400: 318 thousand and 500 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li Luxury Design Suite 379 thousand and 900 38 thousand: 341 thousand and 900 2016 328i M vehicle sufficient inquiry sports 452 thousand 72 thousand and 400: 379 thousand and 600 cars are plentiful inquiry promotion time: 2016.10.05-2016.10.12 tab view Tencent car price in > more information; > price column home page first exposure 2018 generation BMW 3 series, appearance performance really like parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption for their price: 190 thousand and 800 appearance: the new 3 series four new beautiful colors: white, chestnut brown, copper ore (Burgundy Red long wheelbase versions and exclusive) ESTO blue (M sport package, 3 series models exclusive) so far there are 10 kinds of body colors. At the same time, two new style wheels, and accordingly the size has been upgraded to 320i and 320Li models equipped with a 17 inches and above the wheels, while the 320i M Sport Kit models is equipped with 18 inch wheels, more highlights the sense of movement. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption: 190 thousand and 800 asking price power: the new 3 series with BMW Group advanced 2 liter TwinPower Turbo engine, with 8 speed tiptronic transmission in the formation of gold combination of power, power transmission, fuel consumption and emission performance is still in the market leading position. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. The price of the article for the editor in the first line of the real car market相关的主题文章:

Vicious Mother, watching the tears kept off! – maternal Sohu polartec

"Vicious Mother, watching the tears kept off! – Sohu mother and I clearly remember in my 9 years old, my mom and dad put me as a pearl in the palm, my life is full of joy and light of heart from care. But since my mother and father went to a hospital in Wuhan, my life is not as good as it was before. To tell you the truth, in my young heart, my favorite is my mother. Until the age of eight or nine, every time my mother came back from the field, I will open arms to her arms like a baby. However, the mother did not like before I get into my arms, but with a face plate, like not to see me, hand pull me to my father’s leg and went straight to her room, I suddenly blindsided…… The next few days, I came back to school, or at home for dinner, my mother saw my always gloomy face, even when she was laughing with others, I pushed her smile on her face just like soap bubbles disappear immediately. Mom hit me for the first time, more than and 10 days after she came back…. I thought my mother wasn’t at home, so she called her mother loudly. Then my mother’s messy hair from the inside out, the angry voices and hard words to scold me, and pinched my arm and pulled me into the room, to my own cooking. I looked at the face of fierce like mother, what to sob. Which know mother should pick up the spatula to spank me, also fiercely: "don’t burn, I teach you! "She see I do not move, and raise the spatula to hit me, then I found she was panting, as if I were going to fall, I started a little. Maybe I made her so angry, busy at her bidding, rice and vegetables, open the gas tank…… So, for the first time, she cooked a meal under her command. The more I do not understand is that she also persuaded the father give me money. I used to eat 1 yuan a day, Chinese food is also $1. From that day on, she reduced my breakfast to 5 cents. I said I didn’t have enough to eat in the morning. I had to eat at least two buns every morning. She said when she was reading the breakfast, only two cents. She also said that hungry at noon to go home to eat, after only 5 cents, told me not to 1 yuan in the fond dream. As for the 1 yuan at noon, but should not have to go to eat snacks, is a waste. In this way, I can only stand on the side of the saliva every day. This, I hate my mother, she is to cut off economic sources of me, she let me and the kids off. My suffering is far more than this, because my father in the field, I can only be with my mother. Several times, I cried to go with my father, Dad stroked my head to comfort me, he said he was running, and a month, he can come back. I can’t go with Dad, I’ll have to be at the mercy of my mother. After a while, my mother did not even do the dishes. I cried and said I do not cook, she picked up the shovel hit me, scold me: "what are you doing, this won’t do, it will not do, not as good as when a beast like a good相关的主题文章:

Vanke acquisition of India to complete the acquisition of the joint venture acquisition platform hol cashmere mafia

Vanke acquired India joint acquisition platform to complete the delivery holds 96.55% equity capital flows thousands of thousands of hot column stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Securities Times News Network October 31st news (reporter Zhou Shaojie) the securities times original title India: Vanke acquisition to complete the delivery to build the retail commercial real estate leading enterprises in October 31st, Vanke A (000002) – and India Commercial Co. Ltd. jointly announced a joint trading platform in the acquisition of India and several partners. Vanke has successfully passed the national Ministry of Commerce review, and completed the delivery. So far, the joint acquisition platform holds 96.55% stake in india. The Blackstone Group Management of real estate funds in the transfer of most equity holdings, will remain a small part of the equity. According to reports, after the completion of the transaction, India officially became the Vanke Group member companies, Vanke and India will produce the synergy of resources, sharing of resources through exchange, enhance the bargaining power in businesses, rich target customers big data, accelerate the management of export business, optimize financial cost, expand the business collaboration space. Vanke will continue to support the city’s service providers to promote the positioning of the transition, India will continue to be committed to build China’s leading retail commercial real estate sector. As early as 2014, Vanke officially put forward the city supporting service providers ten years strategic transformation plan, in addition to the traditional residential business, increase the exploration and development of real estate industry, real estate and other new business experience of consumption. Vanke said: "India has been in retail commercial real estate for more than 13 years, has accumulated rich experience in management team and high-quality business resources, attracted a number of domestic and overseas business partners and work together, India will accelerate to Vanke shares" city supporting service providers’ transformation, promote products and services upgrade, create more stable long-term investment value for shareholders." Previously, China Vanke (02202.HK) in August 21st on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosure of the acquisition of the Blackstone Group under the name of commercial real estate company. According to the announcement, Vanke will be established by the investment fund, to 12 billion 870 million yuan acquisition of Blackstone Group under the name of the commercial real estate company India 96.55% stake in the group and MWREF company. The fund holds India Group and MWREF, the Blackstone Group associates by the management of the majority stake. It is understood that India (the original "SZITIC providers set) since its establishment in April 2003, has been focusing on the retail commercial real estate, met with WAL-MART, CapitaLand, Morgan Stanley, Caire and other business partners to achieve in-depth cooperation. Stone group in 2013 to manage the real estate fund based on the development of domestic commercial real estate market is optimistic about the choice of shares as a force in its domestic retail commercial real estate platform. In cooperation with Blackstone for nearly three years, India through the acquisition of independent development and assets, continue to promote the depth of regional expansion strategy, doing fine shopping center management. The Blackstone Group China president on real estate相关的主题文章: