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Appliance manufacturers get together sweeping robot   the homogenization of worries — home — original title: appliance manufacturers get together now homogenization sweeping robot hidden in the "Internet plus" boom, the home appliance industry is gradually entering the era of artificial intelligence, robot is becoming a household cleaning air outlet. Recently, in the ecological chain millet 2016 autumn conference, the latest intelligent products millet officially released its brand m home: m home sweeping robot; and Haier also Tmall Juhuasuan on their first products: wireless charging sweeping robot (intelligent control version) Rover 690RS. Manufacturers have to get rid of sweeping robots, industry heat is evident. Unexpected is that although the home appliance manufacturers competing force, consumers do not buy it". Insiders said that in addition to price, consumers use not accustomed to such constraints, sweeping robot market still exists serious homogenization phenomenon, whether it is design, or function, lack of innovation, if things go on like this, will not have a selling point. Manufacturers seize the sweeping robot with the rapid development of smart home, intelligent products to serve as the representative of the robot gradually into people’s homes, Home Furnishing cleaning robot ushered in the explosive growth, triggered a large number of home appliance manufacturers competing beach. The afternoon of August 31st, millet ecological chain 2016 autumn conference in Beijing held a health garden. At the meeting, the official release of millet millet brand’s latest intelligent products: rice sweeping robot. According to the millet ecological chain director Liu De, Mi’s sweeping robot is characteristic of "high IQ, clean and fast, with a path planning function, has a revolutionary breakthrough in the path planning algorithm. In addition, iRobot launched Braava Jet 244 wiping machine, China specifically aimed at wiping machine market; in the second Tmall robot Festival, Haier and drag combination activities began to shine, only 2 hours sold 500 units, sales exceeded 1 million. Haier scan drag combination can be divided into two main sweep and mop the floor, they will TAB intelligent system and gyro navigation combining, bow planning, separate clean, efficient and agile; GREE director Dong Mingzhu recently said that GREE has the ability of R & D and production of CNC machine tools, robots and other industrial automation equipment. GREE or will enter the field of home robots. For the home appliance giants get together why cross-border layout of the robotics industry chain, home appliance industry said that this is the automation appliance enterprises in the production of household appliances based on the need to upgrade, because in addition to the outside is the largest amount of industrial robots, with the growth of labor cost and intelligent upgrade demand increase, household appliance manufacturers require a large number of robots; the two is the home appliance industry into a downturn, in the diversified demand background, enterprises in the pursuit of industrial upgrading outlet. In addition, the robot industry is also in response to national policy, and can get a certain amount of subsidies. With the rapid development of science and technology as well as the continuous pursuit of quality of life, intelligent sweeping, the liberation of the hands of the people based intelligent sweeping machine has gradually entered the public family. )相关的主题文章: