4 year old child! Nap did not wake up, this mistake many parents have committed! Sohu – candy boy

4 year old child! Nap did not wake up, this mistake many parents have committed! – Sohu, a boy and a girl, died in May, a 4 – year-old boy suddenly stopped breathing when he was taking a nap. According to the autopsy report showed that the child’s death is death due to aspiration of gastric contents of asphyxia, identification analysis shows that the boy had bilateral suppurative tonsillitis. A sore throat + after a meal nap = cause suffocation? If the child has suppurative tonsillitis, will easily cause blockage of the throat, resulting in smaller channel narrow space is reduced, vomit if older would be stuck in his throat, causing the child choking. So for the safety of children, parents let children eat milk, eat half an hour before sleep, especially baby milk, remember burping. Children sleep, parents must know 7 things 1 quilts should not be too thick for the child to cover too thick quilt may cause the baby to breathe. And the quilt is too high temperature will make the child irritable sleep quality. 2 not containing a tit or pacifier sleep. In this way, children often wake up after theyunconsciously or pacifier sucking sucking nipples. This excessive eating habits, easy to make the child’s gastrointestinal dysfunction. Secondly, the child is still a small mouth after the nipple nipple blocking, but also easy to breathe, resulting in decreased sleep quality, and may even lead to suffocation. In addition, this bad habit may also affect the normal development of children gums and oral hygiene. The 3 day not sleeping too long if the baby slept too much at night, easily upset, want to know how the life of the money, add master WeChat: ifs126, free of charge to your fortune! The day parents can consciously wake the children, to overcome "the upside by adjusting". 4 not to sleep too late according to statistics, China’s 0~2 years old infants sleep an average of 1 hours less than American children the same age, one of the main reasons is that the child’s parents like "night life" and generally sleep late, the children which have a corresponding shortened nightsleep time. 5 should not be dependent on "shake sleep" excessively violent shaking motion will cause the baby brain in the cranial cavity subjected to continuous vibration, it may affect the brain growth, while the immature brain and hard skull collided, resulting in intracranial hemorrhage, which for a period of 10 months of children are particularly dangerous. 6 is not suitable for the child to sleep around the child is not breathing enough fresh air, inhaled more of the gas exhaled by the mother, the child’s growth and health are very unfavorable. In addition, holding the child to sleep will make it free space is limited, and even difficult to stretch the limbs, so that the child’s blood circulation and growth are adversely affected. 7 not light sleep if nocturnal sleep environment as the day, the child’s biological clock will be disrupted, not only shorten the sleep time, growth hormone secretion may also be subject to interference, resulting in children is long is not high. )相关的主题文章: