3 series of violent decline of A4L after the listing of the same price car Inventory (video) 72 thou kamikaze love

3 Department of Pujiang 72 thousand and 400 A4L after the listing of the new car inventory price lead: A4L market is not a small impact to the entry luxury car market, the rich sense of science and technology of the interior brighten. But because it is a new car, the price is difficult to get a discount, we can take a look at its competing product models market, eager to buy a car may wish to consider a friend. [] market Tencent ZhaoQing Railway Station before the station learned from the Zhaoqing Baoqing store, BMW 3 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car enough, the recent Car Buying privilege can be as high as 72 thousand and 400. Interested friends can go to shop consulting. Specific details please refer to the following table: BMW 3 Series car price guide price straight down inquiry 2017 318i fashion type 288 thousand 28 thousand and 800: 259 thousand and 200 cars are plentiful inquiry 2016 328Li fashion type 430 thousand and 800 31 thousand: 399 thousand and 800 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320i M sports 320 thousand 32 thousand: 288 thousand cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li fashion type 325 thousand and 900 32 thousand and 600: 293 thousand and 300 2017 320Li xDrive vehicle sufficient inquiry fashion type 349 thousand and 900 35 thousand: 314 thousand and 900 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li M sports 353 thousand and 900 35 thousand and 400: 318 thousand and 500 cars are plentiful inquiry 2017 320Li Luxury Design Suite 379 thousand and 900 38 thousand: 341 thousand and 900 2016 328i M vehicle sufficient inquiry sports 452 thousand 72 thousand and 400: 379 thousand and 600 cars are plentiful inquiry promotion time: 2016.10.05-2016.10.12 tab view Tencent car price in > more information; > price column home page first exposure 2018 generation BMW 3 series, appearance performance really like parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption for their price: 190 thousand and 800 appearance: the new 3 series four new beautiful colors: white, chestnut brown, copper ore (Burgundy Red long wheelbase versions and exclusive) ESTO blue (M sport package, 3 series models exclusive) so far there are 10 kinds of body colors. At the same time, two new style wheels, and accordingly the size has been upgraded to 320i and 320Li models equipped with a 17 inches and above the wheels, while the 320i M Sport Kit models is equipped with 18 inch wheels, more highlights the sense of movement. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders | comment BMW 3 series the lowest fuel consumption: 190 thousand and 800 asking price power: the new 3 series with BMW Group advanced 2 liter TwinPower Turbo engine, with 8 speed tiptronic transmission in the formation of gold combination of power, power transmission, fuel consumption and emission performance is still in the market leading position. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. The price of the article for the editor in the first line of the real car market相关的主题文章: