2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye wetnwild

2016 Hongkong electronics show charm flight recorder strong suction eye Hongkong electronics products exhibition organized by the Hongkong Trade Development Council, has been held 35 sessions, is the world’s largest electronics exhibition. 2015 Hongkong Electronics Fair 3575 companies from 25 countries and regions participating, the total number of visits to 66204 people, mainly from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East market. As the mainland’s largest electronics show in Hongkong Chinese level agents, Hongkong electronics products exhibition is the world’s largest electronics exhibition, growing scale, gathering a total of 3436 from 30 countries and regions participating enterprises, including new Denmark, Portugal and Sweden exhibitors, refresh the record. Mainland China’s Fujian province and Jiangmen, as well as Taiwan and Han Guojun organized the exhibition hall, the peak lineup. The 4 day exhibition attracted more than 68000 buyers to visit, of which more than 44000 buyers from the field. The ten buyers are mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Germany and India. Imagine the endless, infinite wisdom, intelligent progress of human society, always in the future infinite forecast outline to become a reality, in the field of intelligent vehicle navigation, the charm of the tachograph since the brand since the date of birth to the future traffic imagination into intelligent reality within reach, vowed to drive the development of intelligent vehicle industry. The charm of the aircraft carrying its products unveiled Hongkong electronics products exhibition, the effect is striking.   m an interactive network Limited is the integration and development of the network technology company has been committed to intelligent hardware, and continuously from the development process more consideration of consumer preferences, in this exhibition, airlines also bring a variety of charm for the next line of the goods, provide more systematic and rich product chain for the majority the dealer. Guests can not only experience the upcoming mass production of mysterious new products, will also see MD2 upgraded version of MD2Pro, with 1440p+ after pulling the camera, as well as ME1 MD2 MC6, etc.. As a leader in the automotive industry, since the air traffic recorder charm city with "intelligent sharing + Voice gesture pictures + driving notes" to attract the majority of consumers to distinguish the traditional core selling point driving record, and successfully combined 360, Meizu, Shenzhen traffic police, SAIC and other companies to launch new products.相关的主题文章: